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‘Lexi Luna: From Kindergarten Teacher to Pornstar’ (VIDEO)

Most people have fond memories of their elementary school teachers, who are charged with some of the most essential aspects of a person’s early personal growth and education. Pornstar Lexi Luna understands this better than almost anyone, thanks to her years of personal experience as an elementary teacher. In this interview clip and transcript, she discusses the transition, explaining why she decided to leave formal teaching behind while maintaining some of the educational spirit in her new adult-entertainment job.

Expanded transcript

Dallas: So let’s talk a little bit about — I’m sure people are curious about the actual transition from teaching to porn. So I know you’ve talked this before, but just for people who haven’t heard the story, could you recap briefly how you made that switch?

Lexi: Definitely. So it was April — I got offered the opportunity through FetLife, which is a fetish network community place where people gather and they exercise their kinks, basically. In a world where those people are maybe looked down upon, this was a safe space in a safe community for people to get together in real life, to get together online, and to exercise their kink. So I got offered the opportunity because I was doing some modeling over the summer when I wasn’t teaching, and I posted those photos up on this website. It’s a secure site, and I didn’t feel that anybody in my teaching career or anything like that would impact my ability to be on this site, because ultimately it’s one of those “If you see me, I see you” kind of things. And the kink community isn’t about shaming anybody for their kinks, so I felt very safe here.

And I got an offer to work with a company in Florida. And I looked into it. I went to Exxxotica, which is one of the conventions, and I kind of saw this company represented there. And I like “Okay, first of all, it’s a real place, right?” Real company, real girls working for it. I did my due diligence. I knew I was going to be walking away from my career as a teacher — an elementary school teacher, to be specific — if I took this job, so I knew the gravity of what I was deciding, and I didn’t see a future for myself in education, not one that I wanted, anyway. I didn’t want to have to depend on a partner to be able to make enough money to pay rent. Making $35,000 as an educator in the first five years is hard, you know? I was lucky that I didn’t have student loans, but not everybody is that lucky. So I just wanted to be able to retire from a career, and at the point where I was five years ago, I didn’t feel like putting in another five years in education was going to get anywhere more. So I decided to change my life and look for something else. And this opportunity literally landed in my lap. I looked through it and I looked it up, and I decided, “You know what? It’s April. School’s over in May. I’ll try it for the summer. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to teaching.” And June 3, I shot my first scene, and I never looked back. And this is my fifth year in the industry [ . . . ]

I taught kindergarten through fourth grade over five years. I taught special-needs students. I taught English-language learners. I worked low-socioeconomic students, high-socioeconomic students. I worked with charter schools, publics schools. I did a little bit of everything over five years. I taught over two states, and I really got to the point where I just didn’t like what I was doing. I didn’t like the students. I didn’t like the parents. I didn’t like the administrators. And that was the point where I was like, “I need to be done with this.” Because I always remember from elementary school fond memories of my teachers. That was the best time of your life. You’re discovering, you’re growing, and you have all these friends. And everybody’s happy, and that’s the best time of your life. When you’re a kid, you live for those teachers, right? You would do anything to please them. And once I got to the point where I wasn’t giving that to students, I didn’t feel right taking away those opportunities from kids.

So I just left, and I was happy and fortunate to come up with a porn career that I was able to continue my education route. And I teach adults about sex, and I go on swingers cruises, and I have a great time having open conversations about bodies and what we can and should do and what we shouldn’t do, and teaching people about testing, and teaching people about — on the woman’s end — how to care for a female body when nobody really talks to you about this past fifth grade when you have the birds-and-the-bees talks, right? And I find a lot of my passion in this industry comes from not only the sex but also being able to teach people and to share the information that I’ve learned that saved my body in this industry that somebody else might benefit from. So I really am passionate about helping women learn about themselves, and help men be better lovers and partners to their female counterparts.

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