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The Plot Thickens: Preggo Alyssa Hart and Screamin’ Sam

“The Plot Thickens” is a continuing series of AE blog posts featuring a look at porn’s most entertaining, corny, and/or bizarre plotlines and sequences. (See previous installments here.)

Alyssa Hart has been very naughty. She’s been seducing everyone in sight, even members of her stepfamily, and she’s ended up pregnant. She needs to be scolded, so who better to turn to than . . . a Sam Kinison tribute artist? As odd as that sounds, it’s exactly what happens in the opening scene of Alyssa Hart: My Life As A Pregnant Teenage Whore, a movie that is just as enjoyably nutty as its title implies. (We touched on this scene in our ’90s retrospective post and thought it merited its own spotlight in the “Plot Thickens” series.) Watch as this very 21st-century porn trollop gets upbraided by a very ’90s standup lookalike:

This is the sort of bizarre pairing that only a porn movie could yield! (What’s next? Bob Goldthwait and Kenzie Reeves?) It’s merely an excerpt of a much longer scene, during which Screamin’ Sam incredulously rattles off Alyssa’s various sexual misadventures, including compulsive masturbation on the bus. (“Handjobs! Blowjobs! How many times can you fuck and suck and play with yourself in one day?” Sam asks in not-so-rhetorical fashion.) The late Kinison was known for a standup act that climaxed in theatrical ranting and screaming, so in a quirky way, it fits that a character inspired by him would appear in scene centered on scolding.

Screamin’ Sam is, in fact, a Kinison impersonator named John Lutz who gained fame by paying tribute to the late comedian in a podcast series. His interview show often featured adult talent, and since the Blazed studio is based in Florida, just as Lutz is, it’s easy to see how he might have found his way into the movie. (Kinison’s signature expression, a gaping mouth in mid-shriek, always did kind of look like an O face, now that we think about it. In this movie, Screamin’ Sam’s role is strictly a non-sex part as interviewer, though, of course.)

That’s actually on the first salvo in an exceedingly unusual movie that somehow crams midgets, handjobs, and a very pervy gynecologist into one jam-packed movie. (The movie has had a healthy shelf life as porn bestseller as a result.) We can only imagine what Sam Kinison would think of that!

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