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‘Pornstar Nikki Benz on Her Kim Kardashian Spoof’ (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian famously “broke the internet” when her notorious near-nude pictorial debuted. Pornstar Nikki Benz nearly broke it a second time when she appeared in a porn scene inspired by the shoot. In this clip, Benz recounts her experiences shooting this popular sequence.


Nikki: Asspirations is a DVD that Brazzers is putting out. It consists of several scenes. My scene for that DVD first came out on, and it was the Kim K. parody, and we did a spoof of her famous photoshoot, which her basically being naked against that brownish-orange background. So we basically did a spoof of it. We released it on New Year’s Eve, and it was received very well by the fans. And even Kim Kardashian fans loved watching that because I’m sure they were fantasizing that [character] being Kim getting her butthole plugged with a penis. By the way, how graphic can I get with my language here?

Dallas: Oh, we like graphic language. You can get as graphic as you like!

Nikki: All right, good, good, I was just making sure! Hopefully kids won’t be watching this. But yeah, I basically got fucked in my ass, and it was an anal creampie, which was amazing. I’ve never done that before. And now it’s going to be on DVD for everybody’s enjoyment.

Dallas: Right, absolutely, and that’s interesting, what you’re saying how fans of Kim K. who’d embrace it, since it takes that photoshoot to the logical extreme, in a way, and sort of fills in the rest of the fantasy for Kim fans. So do you enjoy roles like that where you get to inhabit a different kind of personality as opposed to the ones where you’re inhabiting something that’s similar to your personality in life?

Nikki: Right, I do, of course. It was fun to do. It was different. I never got to play Kim K. before. And it was just exciting because not only was I doing a Kim K. parody, I also did something new to me and to my career, which was the anal creampie. And believe it or not, a lot of fans care about that stuff. If you do something new, even if it’s just like an anal creampie, they make it into a bigger deal than maybe if it was just a vaginal scene. So I now I was excited because it was also new for me. And we had the best crew, the best makeup artists, the best hair person, and we just made it look really good.

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