AE Pulse Year in Review: 2020

In this special edition of Pulse, we recap 2020 through the lens of our weekly pornstar and bestseller reports!



While we all know how much Adult Empire customers love their DVDs but 2020 put a crimp in everyone’s style with Covid-19 and the shutdowns. In the spring, many customers turned to VODs or our Unlimited membership. Normally we see New Releases dominate the DVD rankings but for 2020; Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled takes a win for most weeks at number one with 13 total weeks for the year, and longest streak at number one with nine weeks straight. Combined it put Pure Passions over the top for top studio. They shot the film with nine beauties giving double the pleasure for five high definition scenes. The honorable mention goes to the current number one DVD Influence featuring Elsa Jean as she films her first anal experience, now on its sixth straight week.

Most weeks at number one: Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled (13)

Longest streak at number one: Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled (9)

Studio with most weeks with movies ranked at number one:  Pure Passions (13)



Sometimes life can be so ironic, at least mine can be. In a few days, you’ll see my predictions for 2021 and after writing for the Pulse for most of 2020 I originally predicted that longtime Adult Empire Queen Angela White would carry her streak through 2021.  I also originally predicted that in order to get unseated there would have to be someone who would have a huge spike to take that top spot. Well, I was right on one of the predictions but just a few days after I made that prediction Skylar Vox came out of nowhere with a huge 81 spot spike and took the top spot from Angela, just shy of two weeks before the end of 2020. While the streak may be over it will take years to defeat Angela’s 128 straight week run (yes, 128 weeks straight) as the number one ranked pornstar for Adult Empire. Make note that our ranks are determined solely by the customer and what they are seeking.  I am confident Angela’s customers will get her back to number one in 2021 so she can work on her next streak. Skylar is a relatively new star having started filming in 2019. It appears that Skylar is naturally a Brunette but she likes to dye her hair different colors, so I put her down for Blonde currently. Skylar is now on her second week at number one in 2020. She definitely has a lot to be proud of.

Most weeks at number one: Angela White (50)

Longest streak at number one: Angela White (50) (and 128 overall, including her 2018, 2019 totals)

Blondes ranked at number one: 2 (Dyed)

Brunettes ranked at number one: 50

On Demand


Here is where it gets interesting for a few reasons. High VOD activity in 2020 makes these ranks carry a little more weight than they did in 2019. The funny part is the VOD with most weeks at number one for 2020 is the same as in 2019, Unfolding. Produced by Adam & Eve takes a total of fourteen weeks for 2020. It also gave them top VOD studio for the year. In 2019 it held number one for a total of 26 weeks (half the year) so it slowed a bit for 2020 but still very impressive. Even with fourteen weeks, they were not consecutive weeks giving the longest streak to Climax.  Last year, fellow AE writer Dallas had predicted Climax could challenge Unfolding for 2020, a prediction that indeed came true! I want to give a shout out to an honorable mention Purple Bitch, as she has received instant attention from our customers in 2020 with two number one VOD films.  Hinata Wants To Destroy Holes had three weeks straight at number one in August and Sex with 4 Girls from Naruto is currently number one VOD for its fourth week giving them a combined seven weeks, not bad for a new studio!

Most weeks at number one: Unfolding (14)

Longest streak at number one: Climax (7)

Studio with most weeks with movies ranked at number one:  Adam & Eve (14)

Unlimited (membership)



Adult Empire Unlimited had a pretty big year of growth both in the number of subscribers, and the number of films and scenes. Obviously, the two go together, the more material that is offered the more in demand for it. Unlimited is such a great channel that you can add to your ROKU and wath on the big screen right in your bedroom. It creates the perfect mood just watch the volume if you have neighbors close by.  2020 gave Unlimited a four-way tie of movies for the most weeks at number one AND longest streak at number one with two weeks each. With a library as big at is offered at Unlimited it’s not easy to compete for number one for too long – there is always something fresh to watch readily available. The category that carries the most interest on Unlimited by far is Famly Roleplay. The top studio goes to Taboo Heat at total of fifteen weeks with various films ranked at number one. They also carry two of the films in the four way tie for number one. The four Unlimited films for 2020 are Cory Chase in Secret Vacation with My New Stepmom, Brooklyn Chase in Home Alone with My Step Mom, Katie’s Home Movies and The Good Wife. The best part of Unlimited is you can watch any film in the library and unlimited amount of times, just add your “favorites” tab or the “watch later” and enjoy! Happy New Year Everyone, stick with us for 2021!

Most weeks at number one: Cory Chase in Secret Vacation with My New Stepmom, Brooklyn Chase in Home Alone With My Hot Stepmom, Katie’s Home Movies, and The Good Wife (All Tied at 2)

Longest streak at number one: Cory Chase in Secret Vacation with My New Stepmom Brooklyn Chase in Home Alone With My Hot Stepmom, and The Good Wife (All Tied at 2)

Studio with most weeks with movies ranked at number one: Taboo Heat (15)



AE Pulse December 28:  ‘Influence’, ‘Sex with 4 Girls from Naruto’ and Pornstar Skylar Vox Hold #1 Another Week


Top-ranked movies and stars for December 28: Influence (DVD), Skylar Vox (pornstar), Sex with 4 Girls from Naruto (VOD), Bailey Babe in Step Family Vacation (Unlimited) Sexy Skylar Vox took the # 1 Pornstar rank from Angela White last week changing the rankings landscape for 2020.  She wasn’t alone in holding the number one spot, the #1 DVD was Influence which is streaking at six weeks.  The #1 VOD for the forth week is Sex with 4 Girls from Naruto from Purple Bitch.  #1 Unlimited Movie this week is Bailey Babe in Step Family Vacation as she gets naked for some family roleplay vacation adventures in the hotel room. (Full Pulse reports return next week)


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