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Gianna Dior Discusses Dating Apps

Imagine opening your favorite dating app and beginning to swipe away absentmindedly. In among the sea of potential matches, you spot someone who bears a curious resemblance to your favorite adult star! As unlikely as this sounds, it’s not impossible. Many pornstars have ventured into the wild and weird world of online dating in search of love and lust. Penthouse Pet of the Year Gianna Dior has navigated the choppy waters of modern dating, including Tinder! In this clip from our 2019 interview with Gianna, she discusses her experience there.


Gianna: I, for the most part, had a great experience on Tinder. I lived in a college town, so everyone was pretty safe. They weren’t like disgusting people. And I would meet them first and then see where it went from there. It was never like, “Hey, come over to me apartment and fuck me and leave.” So I did pretty well. I was safe about it. It worked out well for me. And then I got into porn.

Dallas: Did you have any crazy or interesting pickup lines on Tinder? Do those kind of things exist?

Gianna: Oh, god, like too many to count. I can’t even remember any. There’s so many pickup lines on Tinder. It’s like they just google them: “Pickup lines – this is my bio on Tinder.” But then I got banned, so I don’t really know what Tinder is like now. They banned me because they knew who I was, I think. Or somebody reported me. And I tried three different times to make a new account and they just deleted me every time. I wasn’t posting anything bad. I wasn’t breaking any rules. They just knew that I was in porn, and they kicked me out.

Dallas: That seems ridiculous.

Gianna: Yeah, it was a little fucked up. But that’s the same with Instagram. If they know who you are, like deleted.

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