Sex Position of the Month: The Soul Gazer

Welcome back to Adult Empire’s Position of the Month, each month we bring you a hot new sex position to add more spice to your love life. With March we are ushering in warmer weather and longer days and are anticipating the official arrival of spring. This month we have a position is called The Soul Gazer.

This position was made to bring you and your partner closer than ever and for more intimate experience. To perform this position you will want to find a comfortable space to where you have some space around you, once you pick your spot you will sit cross-legged or with your legs out straight. Once you are in your position your partner will sit on top of you and wrap her legs around your waist or straddle you.

This position doesn’t require much thrusting, once you are inserted into your partner and can grind and do sort of a rocking motion. You can also place your shaft against her and grind which will stimulate her clitoris and give her a mind blowing orgasm. To enhance this position you can always add in lube or a cock ring.

Be sure to check back next month for another installment in the Position of the Month series to keep your love life fresh!

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