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Jane Wilde Interview: ‘Jane’s Anal Addiction’

Anal Addiction was born to be wild . . . Jane Wilde, that is. The new showcase features the popular star in her first double vag and double anal scenes, among many other highlights. We chatted with her about all this and much more! (Buy now to receive DVD copy of Jane’s Anal Addiction autographed by Jane Wilde herself. Supplies are limited!)

How did you prepare yourself for your first DVP & DAP?

There wasn’t much preparation for doing DAP and DVP that was any different from what I usually do. It’s not something you can physically prepare for, really. If you over prepare you risk hurting yourself and not being able to do the scene. Double anal was something I was confident that I could do, so I didn’t do anything except let it happen. The DVP was a spontaneous decision, and I felt prepared to do both of those things in the moment!

Is Jane’s Anal Addiction your first star showcase?

Yes, Jane’s Anal Addiction is my first showcase. I’m so proud of it, and happy. I’ve dreamed of having a showcase of my own directed by Jonni Darkko, and to actually be able to make it happen and do this for my supporters feels amazing.

Tell us about the cast of Jane’s Anal Addiction. Did you work with any of these stars before?

So the cast. I had worked with most of them before which is how I knew I wanted them in the movie. I wanted people that I knew I had amazing chemistry with in scenes that would be willing to get really nasty, which is why I chose Paige Owens, who I have worked with and had great scenes with in the past. It’s why I picked Markus Dupree and John Strong for my DAP scene, because I have done a DP with them before for Jonni and it was great!! I knew they would be amazing together again for this scene. I had worked with Rob Piper, I worked with Jessy Jones. I only picked people I knew were up to the task. The one person I hadn’t worked with before was Adriana Chechik and it was a dream of mine to do so. It worked out great. I’m honored to have her in the movie.

Do you have a favorite scene from the film?

Picking a favorite scene is HONESTLY like picking a favorite child. I was going over them trying to pick a standout scene and I really can’t. They are all so unique and awesome on their own, and then as a movie they are insane. I guess if I had to I’d pick the DAP, because that was a huge milestone and first for me, what I feel like is an open door into a world of hardcore nastiness.

Which Jane’s Anal Addiction first were you the most excited about?

I was really excited to do the Blowbang/Bukkake scene. I had been wanting to do a blowbang for a while and I knew I wanted Jonni to direct it. The DAP scene idea came after the fact, but the blowbang was my first thought and I’m still so happy to have done it and with what we were able to shoot. Very memorable for me.

What are your plans for topping Jane’s Anal Addiction?

Hahaha. As for topping the showcase, I think for now I’d rather just enjoy seeing everyone’s reactions and be proud of how far I’ve come in a short time. At this point I am still thinking about this year, I’m not thinking yet about how I want to top the showcase. I have ideas in the back of my head, but nothing that I can share just yet. But my fans will never be bored.

You call yourself a gape queen. How long did it take to learn to gape?

Gaping isn’t something I learned how to do. It’s something I discovered that I do naturally!! That’s what I wish more people would realize, you either can or you can’t. It’s about relaxing your body and just letting it happen. But I found out after my second anal scene, people were freaking out over this one picture and I was like, “oh, okay! They like this! I can do this.” And it took on a mind of its own.

Your films seem to be mostly focused around anal and lesbian content, do you have a preference?

Anal and lesbian content are totally different for me, unless it’s lesbian anal in which case they go hand in hand. But I love both types of scenes. I love gonzo anal, being nasty and rough, but I also love getting to make love to beautiful women and have these passionate experiences with women that I never had before porn. It’s awesome. I love everything I get to do on camera.

What are the biggest misconceptions about anal sex scenes in porn?

I don’t really know of too many misconceptions. I guess maybe that we are just doing it for money, and that nobody really actually enjoys anal? I’ve seen fans on twitter saying that. It’s so far from the truth. I love anal, and I know many other people who love it as well. It’s not fair to group everybody into one lump, especially if the lump is “not enjoying anal and doing things for money.”

In what ways do you think your onscreen skills have improved most since you debuted?

I think my confidence as a whole, my dirty talking, my ability to play to the camera instead of being self conscious of it. These are all things that I have improved on since my debut in porn and I’m really proud of my performance now. I love that every time I shoot I learn something new, and get better. 

In prior interviews,  you’ve spoken of the “Whorearchy.” Could you explain what that is, and how it impacts women in the industry?

“Whorearchy” is a concept that women who don’t do FSSW (full service sex work) are somehow better than those who do, or those who Cam are better than those who do porn because they don’t get “touched”. It’s a bullshit concept because it implies that doing physical sex work and having sex somehow makes you lesser than people who don’t, which as sex workers of any kind if a really negative and toxic idea to have. We are all equal, we are seen as the same in the eyes of many no matter what type of sex work we do.

What about the adult film industry attracted you to the business? Were you approached to enter the business or did you seek out the industry on your own?

I love the freedom the industry gives to people. I was webcamming and decided that I wanted to do mainstream porn. Nobody sought me out. I had to come to that conclusion on my own and make the decision to contact an agency and start shooting scenes. I’m very proud that I made that decision because it’s changed my life radically, for the better.

How has being a successful porn actress affected your life?

I am able to live on my own, be independent from my family who lives across the country. I have made friends that I never would’ve made. I have people who I don’t know that tell me how much my work means to them, which is crazy and awesome. I didn’t think that porn could affect people deeply. But then I think about the showcases of Jonni’s that I watched, and how badly it made me want to be a crazy intense performer and have my own showcase, and I guess it does affect me. It affected me enough to be inspired. So I’m proud to inspire people in whatever way I can. 

How did you choose your stage name?

At first, I wanted my stage name to be Sophie Summers. But something about it didn’t feel right to me. It didn’t feel like “me”, per say. But I picked the last name Wilde first. I wanted Wilde spelt traditionally, like Olivia Wilde to Oscar Wilde. I like that it’s a real last name that’s old fashioned, but also a play on to how wild I can be on camera. I didn’t even know how I would be on camera when I picked it. A lovely coincidence. Jane came to me after some thinking. I wanted a simple, but classy and elegant sounding name. Jane was just perfect. I wanted to be unique, and not share a first name with many people, or really anybody in the industry. I definitely feel unique. Although I didn’t know that Jane Wilde is the name of Stephen Hawking’s wife. That is truly a coincidence. I’m happy to share a name with her!!

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I don’t have a favorite thing about my job. I love everything. I love waking up and getting ready to shoot, I love getting my hair and makeup done, I love getting to dress up as I usually don’y. I love having chemistry and building on that. And I love when the scenes come out and getting to see everyone’s reactions!! It’s very satisfying.

Tell us about your goals in your everyday life as well as in the porn industry.

My everyday life is about being happy and healing. I’m trying to grow as a person everyday, and be better than I was yesterday. I struggle sometimes, but I try to reflect often and be grateful for the life I have built for myself and how amazing it is. My goals are to be happy, to sustain myself, and to treat myself and everyone as well as I can.

We saw on Twitter you wanted to get into gaming. Do you have a favorite video game yet?

No, I don’t have a favorite game yet!!! I keep trying too play GTA but I fail the mission in the first minute. I need to learn how to use the controllers. If anyone wants to teach me!!!! Hahahaha. 

What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future?

Fans can look forward to me just getting nastier and crazier on camera. I love what I am doing. I feel like I opened a door to new things and I am so excited to see what opportunities fall into my lap. I have shot some intense and amazing scenes that I can’t wait for everyone to see. 

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