Ryder Skye pornstar

‘Ryder Skye on Pornstar Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong’ (VIDEO)

Our nose would swell to Pinocchio-level proportions if we said that every pornstar appears on camera with nothing but all-natural features and curves. We’re dealing with a heightened reality, after all, one that Nina Hartley once memorably described as having the feel of “live-action cartoons.” When it’s your day-in and day-out job to embody a fantasy of physical perfection, sometimes nature needs a nudge, and that’s why cosmetic procedures are a common feature in adult entertainment. Veteran performer Ryder Skye is quite candid about her cosmetic enhancements, even the ones that did not quite go as planned. Check out this fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse at an aspect of pornstar life that many performers are reluctant to discuss!

Watch for the full-length Ryder interview coming soon!

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