The Holly Jolly Guide To A Sex-filled Holiday Season

The Holly Jolly Guide to Have a Sex-Filled Holiday Season

To many, the holiday stress starts the morning you wake up bright & early to get that delicious turkey in the oven. You race around the house to finish getting the place put together before the In-laws and hoard of family members appear. Don’t forget about running over to your extended families for dessert! This cycle goes on and on for the next six weeks from work holiday parties to Friendsgiving on the weekend, it doesn’t seem like you have a day off! It’s no wonder that couples feel too overwhelmed to get in the mood after rushing around during these weeks. Lucky for you, we have pulled some of the best ideas to help you stay intimate this holiday season! 

Christmas Is in the Air and so Is Chaos & Stress!

When it comes to a hectic month of food, fun, family, and friends… fuck it’s a lot to handle. The key to managing this stress is communication with your partner. Take some time and talk over the event details for the month. That way you aren’t surprised by any events that you have coming up and it allows everyone to be on the same page.

Say No and Skip It

This article is about having more sex and it’s hard to have sex when you are constantly on the run (we will get to that later)! Skip an event that you aren’t too thrilled about and set up a sex night instead. Great sex doesn’t just always happen. Come up with a game plan ahead of time and really wow your partner with some good action. I am sure Christmas caroling in the park will be the last thing on their mind. 

Do Things Together

Mailing Christmas cards isn’t always the most fun, but you can lick a lot more than just an envelope. You can even make a game out of Christmas shopping by counting all the ugly Christmas sweaters you see, or how many times you hear the same song. Keeping track leads to minutes of oral later at home! 

A Bonus Tip: Helping out with the things that need to be done will leave your partner open to more time to hang out naked with you! It’s a win-win for everyone.  


Take Advantage of the Holiday Food & Booze

Eat, drink and be merry tends to be a phrase we hear around the holidays and I think its quite fitting. There is something subtly sexy about a champagne glass with some strawberries and chocolate. *Hint Hint*  Surprise your partner with a bottle of what they like best and add some dark chocolate into the mix to add to the sensual night ahead. Instead of topping the pumpkin pie with whip cream try your partner as dessert!

Get Adventurous and Get it On! 

Looking at your calendar can feel overwhelming this time of year. I know that’s how I feel when I see three dinners each week, plus additional weekend things-to-do. I’m going to challenge you to look at these events as “Fun Festive Fuck Opportunities!” 

Create a Fantasy

Heading to your childhood home can be a blessing or a curse depending on if your parents kept your room as a time capsule or not! Sure, it might be embarrassing checking out the old photos or posters on your walls, but use it! It’s not every day you can sneak a quickie in your childhood bedroom. Use the idea of someone walking in as motivation to get in and get out just like you did as a teen.

Use Time Wisely

There’s a lot of driving that takes place during the holiday season. Use those wasted minutes as time to tease as the other one drives. You can even keep it subtle as you drive with a simple one-handed tease over the clothes. Imagine your partners hand caressing you as you drive, now imagine a 30-minute drive home being teased the whole way. By the time you get home, you are ready to go, or you might not even be able to handle it before pulling over on the side of the road to go at it!

Get Sneaky

Sneak some subtle sensual touches under the table or under the blanket. I would even suggest getting the remote controller vibrator located below to have some handsfree stimulation while you are across the room.

‘Tis The Gift-Giving Season

It can seem like a daunting task to buy someone the perfect gift, but when it comes to your partner it’s okay to take a breath! A relationship isn’t about what you get from it, but the time you spend together and spending time together will definitely lead to some bang time. When you think about the holidays you think about spending it with the people you care for most and take time this month to show your partner you appreciate them and what they do for you. We composed a list of some simple gift ideas that will surely spark something up!

Sex Toys

Take the time to browse our sex toy page together and purchase something that sparked their interest, or something you want to try. The best part of getting a new toy is trying it out! Try an interactive gift like the Clone-A-Series or sexy games to bring you closer together!

Like the Idea of purchasing your partner a sex toy?
Check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!


Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrator 
Adam’s 8″ Pleasureskin Cock

Don’t shy away from adding another dick into the mix, especially when you are in charge of it! Attach it to a standing mirror and watch her fuck herself from a different angle, or ask her if she’s up for a little DP action! It doesn’t hurt to try new things!


Tenga Easy Beat Egg New Standard Masturbator Six Pac
Ram Ultra Clinchers – Red And Black- 2 Pack

Tengas are great little strokers to keep around so why not buy a six-pack! You can try different textures on your partner during foreplay and spice it up with a blindfold so they don’t expect it. If you haven’t tried a cock-ring yet, you are in luck! Become a new you in 2020 and become the king of the ring! Well, cock rings that is. Once you experience an erection with a cock-ring you won’t want any other way! These clinchers allow you to control the pressure and are adjustable so you can have these bad boys placed on you in multiple ways and pressures.


If you want to take her from zero to one hundred in seconds give her some lingerie. The idea of you taking the time to select something you want to see her in might overthrow the whole plan and land you straight in bed. Would you really be upset though? Probably not!

Explore our lingerie here!
* Not sure of sizing? Ask their friend! It’s probably come up in a conversation before.


New Year, New Couple!

When it comes to being more intimate with your partner once again communication really plays into this. Having each person on the same page helps make sure that everyone is happy and getting what they need from the relationship physically and mentally.

Talk about Sex More

Every relationship is different and talking about sex may not be something that comes up a lot. However, if you want to have a more fulfilling sex life this year you need to get over that boundary and open the discussion up. If your partner doesn’t seem into the conversation try really talking about why you want to do this for them. Make them feel like this conversation isn’t just a one-sided benefit. You may discover some fantasies that you never knew your partner had or enjoyed a certain way you do things more than other ways. Talking about sex may even be a turn on when the conversation gets hot.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

And since we’ve no place to go, why not take advantage of being snowed in! Nothing cures the winter chills like a warm body next to you. Keep the house chilly and warm up between the sheets with a glass of mulled wine. Explore a new way of getting closer by reading erotica literature. It might seem silly at first, but remember how big Fifty Shades of Gay was? The ladies love it! Don’t feel like reading, try some audio porn.

Set Up Some Sexful Resolutions

Every year we start the same cycle of hopes and dreams to have them crushed & shattered weeks or even just days later! Change that cycle with something fun and easy to succeed! Talk with your partner about what you would like to have happen this coming year. This conversation lets you have a chance to bring something up that’s been on your mind. Take time to evaluate your relationship; acknowledge the strengths & weaknesses. Set up small goals that fit the needs of your goal, like a kiss goodbye every time or maybe something spicy like banging in every movie theatre you attend this year. Always been curious about the local swingers club? Set up a date night and just go for it! 

We hope you survive the holidays and let 2020 be a more sex-filled year than 2019! Have a safe and happy holiday from Adult Empire.

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