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Best of the Sale: #LetsDoeIt on VOD

Formerly known as PornDoe Premium, #LetsDoeIt offers chic European porn. The company’s VOD library is on sale for one week only (ends 10/17/19)! Check out some highlight picks:

The White Boxxx porn video from #LetsDoeIt.The White Boxxx

Remember the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, wherein lead character Dave Bowman finds himself in a surreal, otherworldly alien chamber? The White Boxxx is reminiscent of a porn movie set in such an environment. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into a dreamlike porn heaven of sorts, where lesbian lovers indulge their passions without even the slightest hint of distraction from the world below. The action itself has a stylized, not-quite-real quality to it that matches the setting. If Stanley Kubrick directed outright porn movies, they’d probably look a little bit like this!

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Further viewing: The White Boxxx concept continues in a series of sequels.

Horny Hostel porn video from #LetsDoeIt.Horny Hostel

“Travelling is fun, but fucking total strangers is even better!” You’ll be relieved to know that the activities that go on in the horny hostel have no correspondence to the skulduggery that occurs in Eli Roth’s notorious mainstream horror movie Hostel. That was torture porn, after all, and here at Adult Empire, we’re all about porn porn, plain and simple. “We all have a sultry memory of a chance encounter with another budding hormonal young adult in one of these shared dwellings. LetsDoeIt wants to keep this memory and fantasy alive by using real hostels and mixing up the cast to be as international as possible,” said #LetsDoeIt’s Yannick Ferreri when the Horny Hostel line launched last year. Filmed in European cities such as Berlin, the movie is the next best thing to your own naughty trip to Europe.

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Further viewing: Horny Hostel 2, Bitches Abroad 7

Watch Mother & Their Boys porn video from #LetsDoeIt.Her Limit Vol. 2

Her Limit Vol. 2 lets you know from the start that it isn’t fooling around, thanks to an apocalyptic intro with music that seems to herald the arrival of an army of hell hounds. The limits that are tested here are those of capacity and size: how big of a dick can these slim, wide-eyed beauties take, and how deep can they take it? In a pleasing concession to variety, it’s not just well-hung studs that are on call here. Scene three, for example, features some judicious use of a very long cucumber in a very deep orifice. Fun interview segments open most of the sequences, adding another element to the movie’s overall appeal.


Further viewing: Casting Francais 1

Porno Academie porn video from DarkX.Porno Academie

When Tonio Charme is dispatched to sexy tutor Tina Kay to work on his English pronunciation, can an “oral exams” BJ pun be far behind? To Kay’s credit, she doesn’t start doffing her clothes for her student until about eight minutes into the scene, which probably qualifies her for “teacher of the year” status by most porn movie standards. Not that we’re complaining, though! These are the kind of instructors (and students) that we all wish we had been rubbing shoulders with back in school. Mina Sauvage‘s intense double penetration in scene three is definitely one of her semester’s highlights! We accord a passing grade to one and all.


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