Guide To Foreplay

In life, a little preparation goes a long way, and sex is no different. Sure, sometimes you can just rip off your clothes and go at it, but making time for foreplay can enhance the intensity of your intimate moments. After all, you wouldn’t expect dessert to turn out if you baked a cake without preheating the oven. Foreplay is similar to that essential step (although we don’t recommend referring to your partner as a basic kitchen appliance). It can take your sexual experiences to an entirely new level.

So what exactly is foreplay? Foreplay can be defined as any act sexual or non-sexual that can help get you or your partner in the mood. It makes you both explore what you like individually as well as together. It could be like your partner likes to get a back rub or some dirty talk while you’re out to dinner. Since there is no defined guide to how to have foreplay, here’s some of the best tips and tricks we’ve heard.

Setting the scene

Set the scene, think back to those romantic movies. The bedroom lights are dimmed, a trail of roses leading to the bed, candles around the room to provide some sensual lighting. You don’t necessarily need to go overboard with this but occasionally a few simple steps can really set the mood. No need to spend a fortune on roses just to rip them up, grab a bag of fake rose petals. You can also add a candle or two to up the ante. Try a candle that also has pheromones. It will give a whole new meaning to passion in the air.


It doesn’t always take an extreme level of foreplay to set the mood, since sometimes something as simple as a kiss can send you both into overdrive. Try exploring each others body with kisses; you could learn that kissing your partner’s neck or shoulders could set her off.


Who doesn’t love a good massage? You don’t have to be professionally trained or even give the world’s best back rub to bond with your partner. Grab a bottle of massage oil: they come in several kinds including warming, cooling and flavored. If you don’t have a warming oil, take the bottle and run it under some warm water and apply liberally. You may want to lay down an old blanket so you don’t stain your favorite sheets or grab one of our sexy sheets.


You might want to surprise your partner some lingerie to make her even more irresistible, something as simple as a new bra or pair of panties can spike her confidence. This will make her feel even sexier and spice up your evening.


Bring game night to your bedroom and try playing a sexy game. You can make any game sexy! Try playing a video game and whoever loses has to take off an item of clothing. If you’re not sure where to start you can always grab a game made for sex. Try some sex dice to try some new combos you haven’t tried yet. Maybe get to know each other a little better with a game of truth or dare.

Everyday foreplay

Not all foreplay has to take place in the bedroom, you can work foreplay into your daily routine. When you’re getting ready for the day, maybe you can send a seductive photo or a suggestive text, something that they will be thinking about all day. By the time they get home they can’t wait to see you. Try out a position of the day book, go through it together and plan a position to use and then think about that position all day. It will drive both of you wild!

When it comes to foreplay there’s no rule book to follow, its up to you and your partner to explore your sexuality and find what makes you tick. Talk about your wildest fantasies and make them a reality!

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