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Best of the Sale: Vivid, Lethal Hardcore & More on DVD

If the porn section of your DVD shelf needs to be filled out and sweetened up with some awesome movies, new and old, our latest porn sale is the perfect place to start! Dig in with a few highlight picks:

Kim Kardashian, Superstar (Uncut) porn movie from Vivid.Kim Kardashian, Superstar (Uncut)

What’s the most famous sex tape of all time? Some might say it’s Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, while others could make a compelling case for the infamous Paris Hilton video. For our money, though, there’s no beating Vivid’s classic Kim Kardashian, Superstar. This movie is arguably what propelled the “famous for being famous” Kim permanently into the spotlight to begin with (Hilton and Anderson both had fame or at least notable family names prior to the release of their tapes). Love her or hate her, Kim is an essential part of the pop culture of the last 15 years, and even her most grumpy detractors would have to concede that she’s got a body (and booty) to die for. See where it all began!

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New Behind The Green Door porn movie from Vivid.New Behind The Green Door

Many of the visitors to Adult Empire are likely too young to recall the cultural impact of the original Behind the Green Door, but suffice it to say that it was one of the most impressive efforts of porn’s golden age. Undertaking a sequel/remake to any property as iconic as that is fraught with risk, but Vivid has always been a company up to the challenge. The New Behind the Green Door is actually a remake of a remake, drawing inspiration from both the 1972 original and a 1986 re-imagining of the film. Thanks to an impressive cast of latter-day faves, including Brooklyn Lee in the lead role, it’s a perfect way for modern audiences to introduce themselves to the world of one of the best slices of 1970s erotica. Oh, and did we mention it’s directed by Paul Thomas, famous porn filmmaker and director of many of the industry’s most acclaimed modern classics?

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Ava Addams Vol. 1 porn movie from Naughty America.Ava Addams Vol. 1

Ava Addams in nearly 150 minutes of prime Naughty America action, all for a sale price of under 10 bucks? Sign us up! The busty, beautiful Addams has shot for Naughty America numerous times over the course of her illustriousness, lust-filled career, meaning that the company had plenty of prime material to choose from in putting together this particular comp. While Addams is featured in various other movies that are part of the current DVD sale, only this particular package piles her top work into one dazzling rundown. Think of it as Ava’s “greatest hits” . . . the sorts of tunes that you’ll be playing over and over again.

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Girl Scout Nookies 4 porn movie from Lethal Hardcore.Girl Scout Nookies 4

These are not your usual Girl Scouts, the sort who politely knock on the door with an order form and offer to stock you up on Thin Mints. Nope, they’re far more interested in stepping inside and straight upstairs to your bedroom for an entirely different type of sweet treat. Or, as the back-cover blurb memorably puts it, “Cadey [Mercury] doesn’t eat cookies, she would rather toss the salad and ride a hard cock instead.” Like all Lethal Hardcore movies, Girl Scout Nookies 4 offers a filthy fantasy fabulously fulfilled. (This particular installment is the all-time Adult Empire DVD bestseller of the series, outpacing even the 2016 original.)

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