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Trending Newbie: Cecilia Lion Interview

Prepare to hear this lion roar! Cecilia Lion has a curly mane of hair that befits her name . . and it’s a name that promises to be on every porn fan’s lips before long. We chatted with this trending starlet in this new Q&A, exclusive to the Adult Empire Blog!

Tell us about the name Cecilia Lion!

 I took the name Cecilia Lion from the poor lion Cecil that was poached by that dentist back in June 2015.

Give us some info on your past – where did you grow up? What was your first job?

Grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. My first job was a hostess at Cheesecake Factory, later went on to waitress at Hooters, then a hostess again at a gourmet pizza joint called Mellow Mushroom.

How did you find your way to the adult industry?

While working at Mellow Mushroom, a couple of my friends were telling me about this webcamming gig that made them $200 in one night. A month later i was camming in a studio one mile from my current job. I kept it a secret from my parents because it worked out so perfectly. I could leave in work clothes, bring a bag full of my toys and stuff, and drive to the studio to work!

What kind of scenes do you like performing in best?

I love more submissive scenes as that’s my personality naturally while having sex. Not so great at acting but I love to try!

Who are your favorite co-stars and why?

Don’t have a fav co-star; they are all amazing. Every set I’ve been on is wonderful and they treat me with the upmost respect!

What was the very first scene you shot? Tell us what that experience was like.

 My first scene that I shot was for Mofos.com with my BF at the time. It was a “public pickup scene”. It was a lot of fun. MOFOS is more my style as I don’t have to act too much.

Do you plan to shoot a boy/girl anal scene at some point?

Keeping anal off the table. I love to do anal play and B/G anal in my private life, but I think that’s something I would keep just on my subscription sites and not for big companies!

What’s your favorite sex position?

Love all positions! But more so doggie and missionary!

Has being in porn changed your sex life off set?

If anything, I’m more cautious of who I would have sex with. Knowing your partner is clean is a huge relief.

Who do you hope to work with in the future?

I would love to work with the Sinses [pornstar couple Johnny and Kissa], and just about every girl in the industry. The top girls that always come to mind are Darcie Dolce and Serene Siren.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a pornstar?

Still webcamming! Thats my main job and i love it!

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done (on- or off-camera)?

Before i got into the industry, I wasn’t very daring in my sex life, so I’ve checked a lot of things off my kinky bucket list while shooting, like a threesome, or having sex in the back of a truck in a mini-pool!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to spend time relaxing, listening to music, spending time with family or looking at the crazy memes people make up online! lol!

Tell us about your pet cat! According to Twitter, she just had kittens?

YES! I took in a stray cat, unfortunately didn’t have the chance to spay her before she got preggers, but now I have a sweet litter of six black kittens, who hopefully I can find nice homes for when they are about eight weeks!

What was it like working with Manuel Ferrara on Manuel’s Maximum Penetration 7?

 So hot! I didn’t know until we started are scene that he was French! And he was the first to make me squirt! Would love to work with him again! And he loves to dirty talk in French which is super hot as French is my fav language, though i only know un peu — “a little.”

Can you tell us about any big projects you have coming up?

All I can say is to be on the lookout for lots of new scenes! My June is all booked up! (:

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