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Where Are They Now? Remy LaCroix

Each month, we look at Adult Empire Blog stats to see which archival posts get the most clicks. And each month, we find that our 2017 rundown of Remy LaCroix‘s retirement, “Remy LaCroix Officially Quits the Business,” is near the top. It’s just another sign that despite a two-year absence from the world of porn, Remy is still a beloved performer who generates search- engine traffic and fan interest. So, just what is Remy up to these days?

The short answer is that she’s married, a mom, and starting a new business venture! When LaCroix announced her retirement in 2017, social media posts indicated she had a new child on the way. Her family has now expanded to two little ones, both of whom frequently appear on LaCroix’s Twitter accounts. (Sadly, LaCroix also contended with the tragedy of a miscarriage in summer 2016, a few months before her retirement.) Though LaCroix has dealt with post-partum depression (as detailed on her blog), she’s embraced motherhood to the utmost, as chronicled in her humorous, entertaining social media feeds. (“I say ‘mother fucker’ a lot for someone who has serious respect for mothers,” she recently joked on Twitter.) Lucky husband Zack (aka Zack the Ripper, a popular Las Vegas DJ) has appeared on LaCroix’s OnlyFans account, which remains active and is one means fans can still see LaCroix in intimate scenarios. XBIZ recently spotlighted LaCroix’s latest venture: shirts and skateboard decks for Visual Apparel, a Los Angeles-based brand.

Unlike some stars who have receded from the industry, Remy doesn’t try to hide her prior career. Her Twitter account proudly mentions her “pornstar. stay at beach mom. sex work is work.” However, she’s made no indications that she plans a full-fledged comeback.

Relive Remy in her porn heyday in this interview shot by Adult Empire for the PayForYourPorn campaign in 2014. (Oh yes, she demonstrates her famous hula-hooping skills!)

Browse Remy LaCroix porn videos here.

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