Second to ‘Nun’: Video Interviews With Charlotte Stokely and Nina Hartley

Taking a beautiful, shapely pornstar and enveloping her in a full nun’s habit doesn’t seem like the ideal basis for a successful porn series. And yet, that’s exactly what Ricky Greenwood and Sweetheart Video have done with the Sinful Nun movies. (Of course, it’s no spoiler to say that those nun habits are stripped off more than once through the course of the series!) It doesn’t hurt that two of the nuns are played by a pair of porn’s greatest stars: Charlotte Stokely and Nina Hartley. Adult Empire was lucky enough to chat with both of them, in extended interviews the cover not only their experiences working on Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2: Rise of Sister Mona but also their careers in general. (Sinful Nun 2 is available now as an Adult Empire VOD exclusive.) Watch the interviews here:

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