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Join JoyBear’s ‘Secret Sex Society’! (Exclusive VOD + Julia De Lucia Interview)

“I was drawn in, playing out my fantasies, out in the open, unhindered by shame or fear.”

The concept of safe spaces has received much attention in recent years, but what about a “safe space” for desire? A space free not only of threats but of any concern for what society might think about full expression of every sordid fantasy. Julia Roca finds herself swept up in such a scenario in Secret Sex Society, the new movie from JoyBear Pictures. It’s available on Adult Empire as a VOD exclusive (through April 17)!

Roca receives a mysterious invitation to visit a building on the edges of town. While she’s not sure what adventure may await her there, her curiosity gets the better of her. When she arrives, she finds herself peering through a window and watching a couple consummate their passions, fully aware she is looking on. This voyeuristic thrill is only the first chapter in a sexual odyssey that will see Roca fulfilling long-hidden fantasies and ultimately learning to help others express their desires in the same uninhibited way. Candle wax, masks, mysterious messages under pillows, old flames, exhibitionism — it’s all part of the magic and allure of the Secret Sex Society.

Two of the movie’s scenes feature a Romanian-born star who is hitting her stride after a decade in the business. Julia De Lucia appears in two closely connected sequences that form the core of co-star Julia Roca’s sexual journey. Now you can go inside the making of these key passages of Secret Sex Society with our new Julia De Lucia video interview! Julia chats about JoyBear’s unique style, recaps her experience shooting the two scenes, and discusses her other collaborations with JoyBear. (She also discusses her passion for travel, the story of her first live sex show, the ins and outs of anal scenes, the story behind her stage name, and much more. Skip to 20:45 to hear about JoyBear and Secret Sex Society.) Watch the interview here:

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