Final Femme Winner Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels Wins Final Femme 2019

We have finally reached the end of our Final Femme Competition! You have diligently cast your votes for each competition to push your favorite stars to victory, but only one can reign supreme! We would like to announce that the winner of Final Femme is Dani Daniels.

The road to victory has been a long one paved with the votes of all of her supportive fans and followers. There have been several close calls but she was able to pull ahead of the pack to win the fan votes. Let’s take a look back at her successful wins throughout the competition!

Round One

Final Femme Dani Daniels Round One Winner
During Round One Daniels dominated the polls, winning 83% of the vote

Round Two

Final Femme Dani Daniels Round Two Winner
Round Two became a close call winner with only 57%

Sexy Sixteen

Final Femme Dani Daniels Sexy Sixteen Winner
Daniels also pulled through the Sexy Sixteen, just making it with 54%

Erotic Eight

Final Femme Dani Daniels Erotic Eight Winner
During the Erotic Eight, Daniels triumphed with a whopping 59%

Freaky Four

Final Femme Dani Daniels Freaky Four Winner
During the weekend, fans rallied to vote and conquer the Freaky Four, putting Daniels in the Final Championship with 74%


Final Femme Dani Daniels Final Round Winner
The final competition was an incredible win as fans flooded the polls in support for Daniels and winning with an astounding 87%

We would like to thank everyone for your participation in this year’s Final Femme competition. Celebrate her win by viewing her DVDs and VODs today!

While Final Femme has come to an end here at Adult Empire we always have something going on! Upcoming we have several interactive content including a fan question column and an interactive customer poll. We also has a written interview with the great Ricky Greenwood! We also have several video interviews with your favorite stars old and new! Be sure to check out the Adult Empire Blog for updates!

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