Squirting Sex Kittens porn video

‘Squirting Sex Kittens’ Are on the Prowl

Cats are nothing if not playful. Dangle some string in front of them, and they’ll want to chase after it. Turn on your laser pointer and flick the beam across the room, and they’ll pursue it like a lion does his prey. Put a glass object at the edge of a table and they’ll paw it over the side . . . and look up innocently when you come to investigate the ensuing crash. It’s no surprise that this mischievous side of our feline companions has made their characteristics a popular aspect of sex cosplay. After all, cats possess a sly, lithe grace that anyone would wish to possess in the bedroom. There have been numerous porn movies with cat costumes (think the various Catwoman spoofs) but none have approached the feline theme with as much relish, enthusiasm, and pure bravura as Squirting Sex Kittens. It’s the latest bold, interesting effort from Joanna Angel‘s Sex Unfiltered, and is available on Adult Empire

This movie is not content to simply put its actors in cat ears and call it a day. Instead, the performers carry the cat theme through the entire length of each scene. The tease sequences feature playful, funny moments where each actor channels her inner feline by batting balls of yarn or chasing a toy. They yowl, purr, and lick their “paws.” When the sex starts, they remain in full pussycat mode, trilling in delight as they feast on the estimable assets of Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, and more.

Adriana Chechik, an actor who always throws herself with full force into every role and scenario, is particularly well suited to this kind of sex playacting. She and Joanna Angel turn into a dynamic duo of playful kittens in the movie’s opening scene, one that ends with a agreeably messy cum-swapping sequence as Small Hands approvingly notes, “Good kitties!” Katrina Jade‘s threesome with Joanna and Markus Dupree in scene three provides a perfect, fearful symmetry with the Angel/Chechik/Small Hands trio in scene one. And yes, as the title promises, there is plenty of squirting on hand here, too, in a spectacular manner that matches nicely with the overall theatricality of the production as a whole.

“This is an incredibly fun movie that’s been getting a great response from the fans,” Angel said in an AVN story about the movie. “It’s an all-star cast, with bright and colorful wardrobe, makeup and set design. Each girl in kitty-cat costumes added an adorable touch to all the beautifully filthy sex in the film. I am proud of this!”

“Tyger Tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night . . .” The immortal poem pondered the nature of a deity who would dare create a creature with the ferocity of the tiger. Those same fierce instincts are on display in Squirting Sex Kittens, a movie with a poetic, sexy slant that even William Blake himself might have appreciated!

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