Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction porn video

6 Reasons You’ll Love ‘Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction’

Sure, it may be an “addiction,” but it’s the type that we can all understand. When women this beautiful and sensual are involved, not being addicted seems the more serious offense. Here are six reasons you’ll love Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction, the newest VOD exclusive (through April 10) available on Adult Empire!

The Marc Dorcel “look”

Just as the great directors always have visual signatures that bind all of their major works together, so, too, does Marc Dorcel have a luxurious overall sheen that tells you exactly which company made the movie. You feel as if you’ve waltzed into a work of thrilling European erotic literature, where everyone has embraced their animal passions while simultaneously maintaining all their chic glamour.

Girls locking lips . . . a lot!

Sure, this may not be as sophisticated a selling point as the signature look mentioned above, but does the sight of two beautiful women with their lips locked together ever get old? We think not! While some lesbian and all-girl movies skip over most of the foreplay to get directly into the action, Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction gives plenty of attention to good old-fashioned making out.

The one and only Anissa Kate

Oh, you can never have too much Anissa Kate in your life! The French-born beauty has shot movies for a wide variety of studios based on both sides of the Atlantic, but somehow, Dorcel seems like her truest home. Seeing Anissa Kate in the cast list of a Dorcel movie feels as right and reassuring as spotting Harrison Ford in a Steven Spielberg movie or Robert De Niro in the latest Martin Scorsese release. (Just with a lot more nudity.) In Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction, Anissa and scene partner Amirah Adara tame an intimidatingly large double-ended black dildo. (You definitely won’t be seeing that in Scorsese’s next.)

Fresh faces

From our American perspective here at Adult Empire, it’s always fun to see what exciting talent is coming to porn from the other side of the ocean. Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction gives us a chance for a look at Rebecca Volpetti and Tiffany Tatum, both relative newcomers to the industry who have shot predominantly for European labels. We hope to see even more of both!

No plot, just sex

We love Marc Dorcel’s plot-oriented movies, including blockbuster hits like Sex Games and Luxure: The Perfect Wife. But they’re just as adept at what Evil Angel founder John Stagliano calls “wall-to-wall” movies . . . the type of porn where you’ll find no moments reserved for dialogue or context. Instead, it’s pure sex from beginning to end, all with the usual Marc Dorcel flair and inventiveness.

The milk scene

We are not sure who first had the idea of introducing liquids into sex scene tease sequences (hence our Adult Empire category “WAM — wet and messy“), but we are sure that said person was a visionary genius, to be upheld and celebrated! The Anissa Kate/Amirah Adara scene features a very sexy section that finds Kate dumping a jar of fresh milk over her body as the delighted Adara licks it all up.

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