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An Interview With the Creator of Jane Doe Pictures

Adult Empire brings you a new Q&A with Maggie Metz, the creative force behind Jane Doe Pictures, the newest all-girl and lesbian studio. It bowed this week with its debut movie, Lesbian Encounters, starring Charlotte Stokely and directed by Gia Paloma. Learn more about this up-and-coming label that promises to be one of the most talked-about lesbian imprints of the year.

What made you choose the name Jane Doe for the studio?

I’ve had the idea of women shooting women for a while, but hadn’t really penned a name for the line. I went to my team here and the VP of Operations Eric Gutterman [of Devil’s Film and Giant Media Group] suggested Jane Doe. I loved it and we went with it. Jane Doe gives us all different feelings. We can be the onlooker or play into the fantasy on screen. It also feeds into the different female directors I have in mind to hopefully reach out to and have on set.

Can you tell us the idea behind Jane Doe?

I’ve been in the industry going on 19 years and have been around production about half the time. I’m a heterosexual female who loves to watch all kinds of porn. Over the years I’ve noticed more and more female directors do their own lines but when you have the same director you get the same feel almost every scene. With Jane Doe, different females directing females, we as fans can fall into the different fantasy of that particular director.

Tell us how Lesbian Encounters sets the tone for Jane Doe Pictures as a whole.

Lesbian Encounters was a collaboration of sorts between myself and Gia Paloma. I approached her to help me launch the new line and she was more than ecstatic! She came up with the script and the movie was just amazing the way it turned out.

Did you have a say in the cast and director for this movie?

For the director, I had approached a couple of women and had instant chemistry with Gia when she came in to meet with me. She understood what my ideas were for not only the release but for the launch of the line. We worked on casting and she got great talent!

What is the production schedule typically like for a Jane Doe movie?

Moving forward, Jane Doe will have a release every other month, with the next release slated for June 2019.

How do you hope to see Jane Doe evolve and grow over time?

With a studio like Jane Doe, it has the potential to become the standard for girl/girl movies. I want to build it up be the go-to line with the best female talent and the most authentic lesbian scenes in our industry.

What pornstars/directors would you like to see involved in future Jane Doe movies?

I want to be able to cast the best talent and have the best experienced female talent direct the scenes. I’d like to give them the opportunity to showcase their views as well as be their most sincere self on screen. I hope the ladies are just as interested in Jane Doe as I am of them.

What do you think is the key to a great lesbian scene?

Chemistry and direction. If talent doesn’t have chemistry, then it could be for an awkward, uncomfortable scene. With direction, we get to feel and see the energy and passion to provide an actual erotic experience for the viewer. We want our viewer to be immersed in the scene rather than just watching it.

What do you feel categorizes a porn movie as “made for women”?

Jane Doe is Made By Women, but her releases aren’t just focused on being made for women. We are using all female directors to connect to our fans. We hope that this will bring the passion through to the viewer and focus on the heat of the moment rather than worrying about camera angles and pop shots.

Does shooting in 4K UltraHD present any technical challenges?

Shooting in 4k UltraHD has been the standard for all my directors for quite some time and we will always try and bring the best footage possible to our viewers to indulge themselves in.

What do you see as the future of the lesbian and all-girl genre?

Jane Doe Pictures 😉

Research has proven that more and more women are comfortable watching porn. What do you think is causing the uptick in female viewers?

With the movement lately on the population to be open about their sexuality, I think that women in general are realizing that they can open up and enjoy themselves with the aid of watching porn. I believe that when a woman has options to satisfy her curiosity for pleasure it brings out an even better more powerful experience to their sex life.

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