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“In this family, we all touch each other. We’re very loving; we’re open. So whenever you’re feeling horny or aroused, you don’t have to just masturbate in here by yourself. You’re allowed to touch me and sneak into my room and we can play. You can hang out with Mom, touch Mom. It’s normal! We do this kind of stuff all the time.” So says Michele James in Michele James in Free Use Family: My Sister in a statement that sums up the twisted, sexy world of Taboo Heat! Masterminded by husband-and-wife team Cory Chase and Luke Longly, the studio focuses on family roleplay with a gleefully subversive edge. (Read more about Taboo Heat here.) Taboo Heat’s VOD porn movies are on sale now for a limited time (through 3/1/19). Check out some of the highlight picks:

Andi James in Mom Teaches Me About Sex porn video download from Taboo Heat.Andi James in Mom Teaches Me About Sex

Mom Teaches Me About Sex is about as intriguing an introduction to the Taboo Heat style and approach as you are likely to find! Though the four scenes can function independently, they are best viewed in full and in order, since they form an interesting — and shocking — overall arc about the relationship between MILF Andi James and her son (Luke Longly). In the early going, it’s Andi who makes the moves on Longly (opening the discussion by obliquely referring to, of all things, the #MeToo movement), but as the movie progresses, James begins to wonder if she’s taken things too far. By this point, it’s too late, though — Longly has a MILF addiction that he is determined to feed! James is terrific here, embodying the MILF concept with such ease that she’ll remind you of every naughty older-woman crush you’ve ever had.

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Kenzie Reeves in Tears of a Daughter porn video download from Taboo  Heat.Kenzie Reeves in Tears of a Daughter

Kenzie Reeves didn’t receive any industry awards for her role in Tears of a Daughter, but for a performance this demanding, she deserves one! Like Shelley Duvall in The Shining, Kenzie is required to be in a near constant state of anxiety, agitation, and emotional distress throughout almost the entire running time of the movie. As the first scene begins, she is sobbing openly as Luke Longly’s character has his way with her, and the tears and pleading don’t stop. Longly returns to enjoy Kenzie’s body over and over again as the movie progresses, with scene titles that tell you the whole story: “My Daughter Gently Weeps,” “Try Not to Cry,” “Stop Your Sobbing,” and “Cry for the Bad Man.”


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Ashley Adams in Family Breakdown Vol. 1 porn video from Taboo Heat.Ashley Adams in Family Breakdown Vol. 1

Speaking of awards, Luke Longly merits a statuette or two himself. Though an enterprising businessman and self-proclaimed “All American Dad” in real life, Longly convincingly morphs into a raging sex monster onscreen, one who will take advantage of any tasty trollops nearby, even if they’re part of his immediate family. Family Breakdown finds him tossing aside wife Cory Chase like a spent condom as he sets his lustful gaze on one of the other ladies in the house: Ashley Adams, who agrees to be intimate with him if he leaves her younger sister alone. (At one point, Longly receives oral sex while sitting on the toilet, placidly reading the sports page as the dirty deed goes on.) Lest you think said younger sister escapes Longly’s lechery, well, then you haven’t seen the movie’s sequel.

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Cory Chase in Gambler's Wife porn video download from Taboo Heat.Cory Chase in Gambler’s Wife

While Taboo Heat focuses primarily on family roleplay, it’s not the only theme found in its movies. Gambler’s Wife makes for a nice change of pace from the various dysfunctional families in other Taboo Heat efforts. This time, Cory Chase plays a woman trying to sort out some of her husband’s debts. She doesn’t have money but she does have beauty, and she’s hoping that her sex appeal will allow her to buy some time. The movie allows Chase to shine in one of her most memorable featured Taboo Heat performances.

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