Chelsea reviews lube balls

Chelsea Looks at Lube Balls

When you imagine lubricant, you probably picture a medicinal-type plastic bottle that dispenses its goods through a pump or cap. Something simple, classic, and reliable like Fleshlube Water, Adult Empire’s all-time bestseller in the lubricant category. Now it’s time to expand your idea of both how a lube can be presented and what it can do! Lube balls present a bedroom essential in a new and exciting way, as detailed by Adult Empire sex toy expert Chelsea in the latest edition of Turning It On with Adult Empire! She takes a look at a variety of offerings from the category, all with her trademark humor (“The warming sensation was amplified from the toy I was using . . . and it was exciting to feel a cool rush to poke its way through, kind of like catching a breeze from a fan on a hot day, except in your ass!” she jokes at one point). And for all you Tide Pod enthusiasts out there, lube balls are equally inedible, so don’t even think about it! Watch the video here:

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