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Adult Empire Names Angela White 2018 Pornstar of the Year

Porn is a powerful and perpetually changing force, but some stars have such towering presence that they are able to harness that force and shape it into something of their own. In 2018, one star did that better than anyone! Here at Adult Empire, we’ve decided to create a new yearly designation called Empire Pornstar of the Year to honor the star who most shaped porn over one calendar year. The choice for 2018 was obvious: Australian superstar Angela White.

White’s achievements aren’t easy to capture in a few short paragraphs. Her remarkable showcase movies have expanded the definition of what a pornstar feature movie can be. She has also dominated Adult Empire’s pornstar rankings for weeks on end, smashing an established record in a dazzling streak that is still ongoing as of this writing. Movies like Angela By Darkko and I Am Angela boast scenes that are truly like no others you’ve ever seen before, no small boast in a realm where tried-and-true formula is sometimes the safest and easiest option. “I think her popularity can be attributed to her rare combination of fearlessness, star power, and intelligence. She is always evolving as a performer and I think fans respond to that. When you see Angela’s name above the title, you know the movie will offer something exciting and engaging,” said Adult Empire’s Scott Blackburn earlier this year.

White began 2018 in impressive fashion by capturing the AVN Performer of the Year prize. Around the same time, she was officially inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. (She’s likely to haul in even more statuettes at next month’s award ceremonies.) In July, she settled into the top spot in Adult Empire’s prestigious pornstar rankings (tracked each week on AE’s Pulse reports) and began a record-setting streak. By October, she had blown past Julia Ann‘s previous record of 12 straight weeks on top. In November, she established a Pulse record for the longest streak of any kind. Most stars would be happy with one showcase in a year, but Angela’s year featured a whole lineup, so much so that it’s hard even to isolate one as the standout choice. And she’s far from done! The indefatigable White will likely make 2019 just as memorable as 2018. “I’m always striving to become a better performer, director and producer. In 2019, I will be working on continuing to make my work significant, deep and meaningful,” she told Adult Empire.

We are happy to salute Angela as the very first Empire Pornstar of the Year!

Angela White Q&A

What was your initial reaction to hearing you’d been named the inaugural Empire Pornstar of the Year?

I feel extremely honored and grateful. It is a privilege to be part of this incredible industry and to be recognized for my work is an overwhelming and indescribable feeling. Thank you.

If you had to sum up your 2018 work in one word, what would it be (and why)?

Meaningful. I aimed to make 2018 meaningful to me, and hopefully others. I can’t speak to how others will reflect on the year I’ve had, but I feel I achieved what I set out to do. It was important for me to create content that was sincere and significant, deep and inclusive

Of your many impressive achievements, scenes, and movies in 2018, are there any that particularly stand out to you?

I was fortunate to be involved in many remarkable projects this year. I’m most proud of my collaborations and my two showcases with Evil Angel. I was able to demonstrate my range as a performer, actress and writer in “The Weight of Infidelity” for Pure Taboo and “Who’s Becky?” for TrenchcoatX (Games We Play). Both emotionally driven featurettes were inspired by my chapter “Becky” which was published in Asa Akira’s Asarotica and examined idealized body image, vulnerability and betrayal. My collaborative showcase “Angela By Darkko” allowed me to be very innovative and experimental with art direction and to create some truly stunning visuals with one of my favorite directors Jonni Darkko. And “I Am Angela”is the most unique adult project I’ve ever been involved in. Four AVN Hall of Fame directors filmed me in four significant scenes. My first scene with the legendary Rocco Siffredi and my first trans scene with Chanel Santini were important moments in my career. And the documentary footage captured by director Evil Chris was powerful and humanizing.

Pornstar of the Year is based on the amount of influence and shape a pornstar has given to the industry in a particular year. Could you tell us who in turn has most influenced you over the years?

I’ve been influenced by so many performers, directors and business owners going all the way back to two of my original heroines: Annie Sprinkle and Danni Ashe. I’ve always been inspired by Annie Sprinkle’s work, activism, and art. Her book “Post-Porn Modernist” was influential in shaping the way I look at sex and sexuality. Danni Ashe was the ultimate empowered business woman who built her own empire in a man’s world. Both Annie and Danni also had similar body types to my own which allowed me to see that there was a place for me in porn.

In your view, what were some of the most exciting porn trends of 2018?

The most exciting trend for me is the development of platforms that empower performers to create their own passive and active income streams. When performers are empowered the porn being produced can only get better.

If Pornstar of the Year involved delivering an acceptance speech, what would you say and who would you thank?

I would like to thank all of the incredible performers, directors, crews and companies I had the privilege of working with this year. I would like to thank my agent Mark Spiegler and his right-hand-man George. I would like to thank my friend Jonni Darkko for collaborating with me on “Angela By Darkko” and creating some of the most beautiful footage I’ve ever seen of myself. Thank you Evil Angel, John Stagliano, Evil Chris and everyone involved in the creation of “I Am Angela”. I consider this movie career defining and I’m so proud of what we achieved together. I would like to say a special thank you to Rocco Siffredi for flying across the world for our unforgettable sexual encounter. I would like to thank Manuel Ferrara for his willingness to be vulnerable with me for art. And I’d like to say a huge thank you to Markus Dupree whose encouragement, friendship and inspiration pushed me to do my best work this year.

Who are some other stars and adult-industry figures that you believe shaped the world of porn in 2018?

Empowered women shaped the porn landscape of 2018! Kayden Kross made a huge impact with her big-budget features for the Greg Lansky brands and her own studio TrenchcoatX. Bree Mills was influential and original in her storytelling and risk-taking. And of course, Stormy Daniels is now a household name, proving with her witty and insightful tweets, as well as her many public appearances, that porn performers are strong and intelligent.

If you could wave a magic wand and alter the industry in any way imaginable, what changes would you make?

I would remove the stigma associated with being involved in adult entertainment. I would love to live in a world without sexual shame, where sex workers aren’t discriminated against because they choose to embrace their sexuality and make a career out of it.

How will you be ringing in the new year? Any plans, parties, or traditions?

I have no plans as of yet, but it’s highly likely that I will be working in some capacity. It’s become my tradition to bring in the New Year on a productive note. It makes me feel accomplished and content.

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

I’m always striving to become a better performer, director and producer. In 2019, I will be working on continuing to make my work significant, deep and meaningful.

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