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An Interview With the Founder of MissaX & All Her Luv

Philosophical musings on the nature of time travel. A desperate bid to alter a dark future. A hidden portal with magical properties. A big heist.

Sure, these may not seem like the usual trappings of a porn movie, but then again, you’ve probably never seen a porn movie quite like The Portal. This character-driven sci-fi adventure finds Elena Koshka traveling into the future via a hidden passageway in her basement. When she realizes that the coming years may spell a sinister fate for someone she loves, she devises a clever plan to use her sexuality to alter the trajectory of things to come. Unusual, engaging plots like these are typical of MissaX and All Her Luv, two unique labels that will be a breath of fresh, sweet air to anyone who thinks porn has become stale and formulaic. We chatted with MissaX herself, founder of both labels, about her career, her movies, and her general philosophy of porn.

Explain to a new viewer what MissaX and All Her Luv are all about.

MissaX and All Her Luv are taboo playhouses. MissaX is our B/G site, and All Her Luv is our G/G site. Our stories are always tension-filled whether they are romantic, manipulative, comedic, science fiction, or dramatic. The characters in our stories will linger in your dreams well after the scene is finished. Many of our actors work with us over and over again because our members want to see their favorite actor play multiple different roles.

How did you get into porn?

It was childhood dream to be an entrepreneur, although I had no idea I would be the owner of a porn site, especially with my shy and introverted nature. I was eager to start a business when I got out of high school; I had the idea that I was going to start a fine lingerie boutique! I had a knack for fitting my girlfriends in bras with a 5-point system that I developed and I had big dreams to, eventually, be the next Victoria’s Secret. I couldn’t get a small-business loan at eighteen years old and with no assets or co-signer, the dream seemed far away, but my sister was a waitress in a strip club and she brought home hundreds of dollars a night. She took me to her work with the intentions of helping me get a job as a cocktail waitresses and the short Armenian boss said, “We don’t need waitresses; you’ll be a dancer.” I was stunned: “But I don’t know how to dance.” “It’s easy, you just go like this,” as he swayed his hips from left to right.

That night I was up on stage, it was my first time dancing in public, it was my first time showing my stomach to strangers in a two-piece bikini, and I was terrified! While I was swaying my hips awkwardly from left to right, I looked down at the men watching me, some were smiling, maybe they liked me, but maybe they were smiling at my awkwardness, or maybe they didn’t like my body, and I started to panic. I couldn’t leave the stage, risk being fired, because I needed to make the money, and my brain started to imagine that they were watching someone else, they’re watching “Ruby” (the name the boss picked for me because of my red hair).

In an era when many porn movies have removed plotlines completely, your movies tend to have elaborate and sometimes unusual stories. How did you develop this particular style?

It was common for me to make up stories and to fantasize, and I’m sure it’s not just me but a lot of people, and not just women, but men, too. I hope to find these people who are watching glossy pretty sex scenes, and maybe they need more, they might look for a romantic touch, or an aggressive look on an actor’s face and subconsciously give them personalities. The viewer creates a story in his mind based on emotional looks or subtle touches, oftentimes putting themselves in the male porn star’s role, he might reminisce about a woman he once knew, or create a brand new fantasy. I want to evolve the story, to make it easier for the viewer to fantasize, so that the characters have personality, they have a motive, and I hope the story will linger in the viewer’s mind well after the video is finished.

At one point, your tagline on Twitter was “Allow me to change the way you view pornography.” Could you elaborate on that?

You ask me how I can change pornography, and I hope to change pornography by bringing the story to the forefront, making the story just as important, if not more so, than the explicit sex scene. I want the viewer to appreciate the tension, the emotion, the layers of the character’s personalities, and anticipate the next move, the beauty of seduction, just like we know it in real life!

What’s your take on the concept of “ethical porn”?

When you’re in grade school, you’re taught to treat people how you want to be treated. That’s what I do. I think happy actors are all that matters to ethical porn, not the content itself. “Porn” is fiction and who is to judge what fictional fantasies are ethical or not? It’s discriminatory how much porn is already censored by credit card companies who have a list of unethical words and film topics.

I hope viewers see my work as ethical and remember that the stories are fantasy, fiction, and the actors are giving their all to give them a realistic performance. I believe that sex workers should be well informed by the producer what the work will entail before they come, they know how much time they will be on set, and they should have a break with food and beverage if the “on set” work is longer than four hours long. I’ve been told my work contract, that describes in detail the job requirements before they come, is longer than other companies, but I believe in full disclosure, especially when the job is intimate, and my scenes are taboo. It’s the performer’s responsibility to read the contract thoroughly and look at the examples provided to see if the work is for her. What is okay for one performer, may not be okay for another.

Which story or plotline would you say is the most unusual or shocking?

The first three years of my porn business (from 2012-2014) was supported by paid custom video requests. I didn’t get many opportunities to create original stories. Most of these plot lines were very heavy in fetish, very unusual compared to mainstream porn, and seen as shocking or strange to the majority of people. It was satisfying to read someone’s dream, however strange, and bring it to life. I would read many emails that would start off like, “I’m so sorry to ask you to do this,” or “I hope you won’t be offended by this fantasy,” and it pulled on my heart strings. There’s so much shame when it comes to fantasizing, and there should not be! A story is fiction, fabricated, it doesn’t matter how taboo or unusual! I was happy to make and re-sell custom clips and learn about cinematography in the process, how to write dialogue instead of turning on the camera and ‘winging it’, how to use editing programs, but I was most excited when I had a day off to write my own concept. The first four years of my business was custom fetish clips, 30% from taboo customers, and I found a lot of joy in helping people evolve these taboo scenarios, more so than other fetish genres, because of the emotion behind the stories.

 How do you account for the popularity of the family roleplay genre?

We can all relate to the emotion behind family roles. The mother and father give you the feeling of authority, you can be influenced by these characters, scared of them, they also can be nurturing and help you through difficult times. You can take these various emotions and spin them into an erotic video. Faux-cest and taboo roles are an emotional gimmick; it’s easy for the viewer to relate the characters to his life and pull some feeling from the faux-cest roles to help him fantasize. There is a lot of shame in this genre, maybe more so than any of the other fetish genres. No one wants to admit he watches mommy porn, for example, because “What if people think I want to have sex with my mother?!” I know the majority of my customers do not fantasize about their own family, but they need the emotional element to feel quick connection to the character. You only have 30-40 minutes to pull in a viewer in and make him feel powerful emotion, and if you can use his own past experiences by implementing family roles in the story, then yes– let’s do it!

What’s the scenario or plotline you’re most proud of?

When you ask me what scenario or plotline I’m most proud of, I think more about my characters, and I have to give credit to my actors for surprising me by evolving the character more so than what was required of them on paper. I appreciate actors who understand that they are not their role. I search out actors who enjoy the art of acting. It’s common for a 45 minute scene to have at least 20 minutes of written dialogue. I have to be very careful when I hire someone to come to Wisconsin that they enjoy acting. Imagine how terrible it is for an actor to be booked for 3-5 days straight when they find it burdensome, once an overwhelmed actor asked me, “Can we just fuck already?” My stories are only “good” if the actor has trust in me, the edgy dialogue and concepts, and is happy to give her all. I aim to make the customer feel uncomfortable when I write, with the situation and the character. The stories where I push my own emotional limits end up becoming my favorite.

Which stars have you most enjoyed working with?

If I can give credit to just a few of my favorite actors I can tell you that Penny Pax gives all her love. She is so talented that I can write her as an innocent virgin, and the next day write her as a manipulative stepmom. Chad White is one of the most underutilized actors in our industry. He understands emotion behind the roles he plays, he always gives a thoughtful performance, and he helps his partner look the best during the sex scene by opening her up to the light. I’ve heard him whisper, “arch your back” to an actress, she did, and I was surprised at how pretty and model-esque that particular sex scene was as a result of Chad’s effort. I appreciate Scarlett Sage for all her many additions to her roles. It seems like Scarlett is always asking herself what else can we do with this story? It oftentimes feel like a collaborative effort when I work with her, so much so that I gave her a writing credit on Lesbian Cooties. I am so grateful to the actors that have given all their love, there are too many to list. I also appreciate when they RT our work together on twitter, it’s as if they are proud of the scenes, and they want us to succeed. We hire on the same actors who work well with us over and over, our customers love to see their favorite players in our taboo playhouse perform different roles.

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