Hugh Hefner Dumped His Secret Stash of Sex Tapes Into the Pacific

These days, you can store your entire porn collection in the elusive ether of the digital realm. Unless you’re a collector of DVDs (still a popular choice on Adult Empire), gone are the days of hidden stashes of dirty magazines under beds and in the upper reaches of closet shelves. In cases of physical collections, there was always the worry that someone might stumble upon it, or — even worse — relatives might find it after a person’s death! There are even stories of friends making “porn pacts” to dispose of one another’s porn, and services exist that buy your collection after your demise. No less a luminary than late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner faced the same predicament, but with a scale (and solution) befitting his larger-than-life persona.

According to reports in the New York Post, Hefner had an enormous collection of homemade porn, featuring his sexual escapades across the decades. “There was a batch of tapes, shot on 8 mm and cinefilm, which were filmed during some of the orgies he enjoyed in the 70s,” said an unnamed source cited by the Post. Playmates and celebrities often joined in! After Pamela Anderson’s notorious sex tape was leaked in the 1990s, Hefner became concerned that his own sex movies might be found and published. In the end, he decided to ask his trusted security chief, the late Joe Piastro, to put all the materials in a concrete-lined coffin and dump it into the Pacific Ocean.

The thought of never-seen celeb sex tapes is a tantalizing notion! Many famous faces dropped by the mansion in the 1970s: James Caan, the now-disgraced Bill Cosby, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, and more. Does one of them make an appearance in one of Hefner’s lost sex movies? The secret rests at the bottom of the ocean!

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