Thanksgiving porn

The Plot Thickens: Thanksgiving Edition

“The Plot Thickens” is a continuing series of AE blog posts where we take a look at porn’s most entertaining, corny, and/or bizarre plotlines and sequences. (See previous installments here.)

Thanksgiving! It’s a time for family, food, fellowship . . . and handjobs under the table? Sure, maybe your Thanksgiving dinner is firmly in G-rated territory, but Codi Lewis and Angel Smalls take things all the way into R, verging on X! The pair features in the first scene of Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 5, which puts the spotlight on step-siblings who can’t resist taboo temptations. The sequence finds Lewis and Smalls breaking their longstanding sexual tension on the most inappropriate of days: Thanksgiving itself! Naughty Codi rubs Angel’s clit while their feckless parents (Savana Styles and Filthy Rich in non-sex roles) prepare a very light Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen.

Despite all these sexy shenanigans, there’s one thing we can’t avert our gaze from during the entire length of the scene: that damned turkey! The budget apparently dictated that a horrifying inflatable plastic version be used, meaning that all the oohing and ahhing everyone does over it seems hilariously (and intentionally) out of place. (Can’t say that fruit looks overly appetizing, either.) While Rich gives a solemn prayer thanking the Lord for his bounty and begging for his daughter to avoid all filthy-minded boys, Angel snakes her hand into Codi’s pants. Understandably distracted, Codi excuses himself from the table to masturbate in his bedroom. Before long, Angel slips off to join him, leaving the parents alone at the table.  By the time Lewis empties his load on Angel’s face, we’re pretty sure the parents have long since finished the turkey and the fixin’s. Never mind, though — Lewis and Angel have stuffed themselves on something entirely different (but equally satisfying).

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