Mia Malkova pornstar

Her First Scene: Mia Malkova

“I might appear innocent, but I’m not.” Those are among the first words ever uttered by Mia Malkova in her very first porn shoot. See how 2014’s Best New Starlet got her start in this edition of “Her First Scene.”

Mia Malkova pornstar

Movie: Cock Suckin’ Cum Junkies

Scene type: Blowjob/facial

Studio: Sticky Video

Where: Los Angeles, California

When: 2012

Co-star: Jesse Loads

Released (DVD): 8/27/2012

How: Native Californian Mia Malkova was a shy and awkward teen, so much so that she didn’t even like to show the slightest bit of skin. “I would not take off the hoodie even if it was a hundred degrees outside because I was so self-conscious about my body. I was a sad little teenager!” she said in a recorded interview. At 18, however, she got a job at Sizzler and made adult-industry connections that would help her overcome her shyness in a spectacular way! Her first scene came as part of the Jesse Loads Monster Facials web series (directed by Richard Moulton), later to be released on DVD and VOD by Sticky Video with other blowjob scenes, all under the title Cock Suckin’ Cum Junkies.

Trivia: Malkova is referred to by one of her early stage names (Madison Clover) in the scene. After shooting other scenes with the name Madison Swan, she finally settled on her current pseudonym, Mia Malkova.I chose it because I wanted something sexy and ‘alter ego’ to my cutesy girl-next-door look,” she said. Despite the Russian flavor of the name, Malkova herself is mostly of German heritage.

Observations: Mia’s nerves are obvious (in fact, she admits as much in the interview portion of the scene), but she’s such a strikingly beautiful performer that her natural charm carries the scene. She brings along her very own toy from home as an additional prop for the scene, making creative use of the plaything as the action progresses. By the time Jesse Loads is primed to deposit his load all over Mia’s face, she is fully in her groove, cheering him on with wonderful dirty talk as he strokes his way to a messy climax. (Unlike some of the other stars of Cock Suckin’ Cum Junkies, Mia clearly loves facials.)

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