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Angela White Goes In-Depth on ‘I Am Angela’ & More (Video Interview)

To legendary director and Evil Angel founder John Stagliano, Angela White is an enigma and even somewhat of a contradiction. “She is this combination of totally lascivious pornstar and driven, ambitious producer/director,” he says at one point in a documentary segment of I Am Angela. So, what does make Angela White tick? Find out in this fascinating new interview with the Australian superstar. Afresh from not only I Am Angela but also additional showcases both for Evil Angel (Angela By Darkko) and AGW Entertainment (Angela Loves Women 4, Angela Loves Anal 2), Angela chats about the challenges of gangbang shoots, breaks down the breathtaking tease sequences in Angela By Darkko, gives her perspective on her incredible Rocco Siffredi scene in I Am Angela, and much more. Watch the full interview here:


I Am Angela

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