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Leigh Raven Interview: Her New Showcase, Her First DP & More

Leigh Raven is fierce, feisty, and fun! Known for her forked tongue and beautiful array of ornate tattoos, Raven has been making her presence known as a dirty dynamo ever since she shot her first scenes in 2016. Learn more about her background, career, and showcase movie (Prove Something) in this new Leigh Raven interview, exclusive to the Adult Empire blog.

Tell us how you got into the adult industry.

I was a freelance model at the time that I met my wife [Nikki Hearts], and shortly after meeting her, she was directing a G/G movie and asked if I wanted to be in it! I jumped on the chance ;]

Who are your favorite stars to work with (besides your wife of course)?

Markus Dupree, Tommy Pistol, Kissa Sins, and John Paul The Pope (Papa Pope).

Can you tell us a little bit about your very first scene in the industry?

My first scene was with my wife and we played girlfriends so it was very easy to just fuck how we normally would . . . just in front of a camera! But I also ended up doing THREE G/G scenes in one day for that movie. I was all in!

What do you love most about being a pornstar?

Creating my own schedule, having the power to pick who I work with and when…. and being in front of the camera!

Is there anything you haven’t done on camera yet but would like to?

My first gangbang!

Do you have any role models in porn? What have they done to inspire you?

I look up to the women in porn. Building an empire where we are constantly scrutinized by the public requires you to be strong. I respect my fellow women performers.

Your scene with Tommy Pistol in Creamy Teens by Burning Angel is up for Scene of the Year at the Inked Awards – what was it like working with Tommy? Tell us about working with Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel crew.

This was my first time working with Tommy and I couldn’t wait. I’ve had a crush on him since day one. The moment the scene started, our chemistry was obvious and lead to the camera man saying “In all my years of shooting porn, that was the fucking weirdest thing I have ever shot!”

Talk to us about your new Evil Angel showcase, Prove Something. How did it come about, and what was your overall vision for the movie?

[Director] John [Stagliano] and I spoke weeks before the movie actually began filming.. He told me he was writing a script and thought I would fit the role. We bounced ideas back and fourth and he finally had a finished script. He wanted me to portray a woman who was conflicted about being true to herself and eventually letting it all go . . . even if that meant acting like a total maniac. This was something I was battling at the time so I knew it was a perfect fit.

What prompted you to shoot your first DP in Prove Something?

I knew I was ready to shoot my first DP and when John and I started talking ideas about the movie, I knew it was the perfect time and opportunity.

What’s John Stagliano’s directorial style like?

John pays so much attention to detail. If it’s not just right, we shoot it again, and I respect that because I am very similar. We got along very well, and he listened to my opinions and suggestions the entire time.

Tell us about your favorite tattoo and what’s the meaning behind it?

I have so many tattoos I cannot pick a favorite. Some have deep meanings and some don’t . . . that’s just part of being heavily tattooed!

Who are your favorite bands/artists?

I like all music. From musicals to country, to pop punk, to hip hop, my music taste is very eclectic.

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I am shooting exclusive scenes for my website leighravenbitch.com where I sell porn, apparel, and DVDs! Go check it out!

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