After Dark porn movie starring Tori Black

‘After Dark’ Shows Tori Black & Vixen in a New Light

Much can happen once darkness falls. Away from the embarrassing glare of daylight, it’s the ideal time for all your naughtiest fantasies to come out and play. The time after twilight brings out the best in Tori Black, star of After Dark, a bold new Vixen feature directed by Kayden Kross.

The plot is set in the nighttime world of Los Angeles that has made movies like Collateral such visual feasts. Black plays a character named Tori Blackwell, who decides that life’s pleasures need to be experienced in full before the final curtain falls. “A binary choice always comes down to which experience will be greatest. Always choose that one, because the day will come when the experiences stop,” Black says at one point in the movie’s narration, underlining her general philosophy on life and on the night of After Dark in particular. Tori’s sexual journey starts with a fling with a driver and ends with a no-holds-barred orgy sequence that seems destined for prime attention at awards time. The remarkable cast includes Adriana Chechik (using a yellow snake as her accessory in an inspired touch), Angela White, Vicki Chase, and many more.

“This film is amazing. I am so proud as the reigning Vixen Angel of the Year to star in the first feature for the brand,” Black told AVN. “I’m so thankful for [Vixen founder] Greg Lansky and this incredible year with Vixen. Every aspect of the project was dreamed, planned and executed flawlessly. Working with Kayden Kross is incredible as a performer because she has an amazing directing style that is unique visually from anything anyone else is doing. What she captures accentuates the raw real sexuality we are truly experiencing.”

Abigal porn movieAfter Dark represents a new emphasis for Vixen in two regards: its complicated storyline and its director, Kayden Kross. Plot-oriented porn is nothing new for Lansky’s brands, but the story of After Dark is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and fully developed in Vixen’s catalog. Kross, who in recent years has reinvented herself as a porn auteur, is one of the first people other than Lansky to take on the director’s chair in a Blacked, Vixen, Tushy, or Blacked Raw movie. Her penchant for visual flair makes her a perfect match for Vixen. (Tushy’s Abigail, an equally nuanced effort starring Abigail Mac and also directed by Kross, makes for a compelling companion piece to After Dark.)

“A huge thank you to Greg Lansky for giving me the tools and trust and support to create projects of this size,” Kross told AVN. “Tori carries this movie with the same phenomenal presence that she has built her career on. I’m honored to have been able to direct her. The crowning scene is the orgy we shot with eight Vixen Angels in an ornate last supper theme. It’s the largest production I’ve ever been involved with.”

After Dark porn movie

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