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Vinegar Syndrome Sweetens Classic Erotica

Almost all contemporary pornography is shot in digital formats, but there was a time when traditional film ruled the industry. For those who have grown accustomed to the bright, clear, artificial look of digital movies, watching a fully restored edition of a movie shot on high-quality film is a revelation. When properly transferred, film can offer a clarity and organic, “breathing” quality that digital has never been able to fully replicate. Think of it as listening to a favorite album on vinyl versus listening to it on your iPod. Sure, the clarity and convenience of the digital format is always appealing, but vinyl has magic intangibles that ones and zeroes just can’t match. Unfortunately, classic adult entertainment is seldom subject to the kind of care and restoration that brings old film fully to life. Enter Vinegar Syndrome! Like the famed Criterion Collection label, the company specializes in reviving classic film projects for new audiences, all with the careful remastering that assures the movies will look their absolute best. While Criterion focuses solely on mainstream movies and art house faves, Vinegar Syndrome has given plenty of attention to erotica, late-night cinema, and vintage pornography. “Few labels can approach the eclectic nature of Vinegar Syndrome,” said the film blog Film School Rejects in their evaluation of the label’s offerings.

What’s in a name?

The company derives its name from the common term for acetate film base deterioration, a process that ruins many older film negatives. Vinegar Syndrome’s mission is to preserve older movies from such degradation.

Catalog classics

The Peekarama series

Peekarama: Young Like It Hot, The / Sweet Young Foxes porn movie

Peekarama pairs two classic porn movies into one double bill! Acquiring the full Peekarama line is like stocking up your own adult bookstore video aisle, complete with outrageous, entertaining classics like Sherlick Holmes, Starship Eros, Cathouse Fever, and more.

The Love Slaves

The Love Slaves porn movie

The late John Leslie (who would take up residence at Evil Angel in the end portion of his long career) tackles the role of a police detective who must find out who is behind a series of kidnappings and brainwashings. Described by Vinegar Syndrome as a “hybrid drive-in madness and neo-noir sleaze,” The Love Slaves functions as a fully developed movie as well as an erotic adventure. Leslie’s performance in the lead role has earned particular praise from critics.

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind porn movie

Released in the wake of Close Encounters of the Third Kind but related to it only in name, Sensual Encounters chronicles the sex escapades of a series of people who come into possession of a special sex amulet. Its power is to grant its owner the ability to fulfill their wildest sex fantasy, but they must surrender the amulet after a single use.

Newly available on VOD

Vinegar Syndrome was recently added to Adult Empire’s VOD and Unlimited programs. Here are a few new additions to the AE VOD catalog:

Dracula Sucks

Dracula Sucks porn video

Renfield, Van Helsing, and of course the titular bloodsucker himself all show up in this ’70s porn spoof of the classic tale of horror. (Not to be confused with the George Hamilton spoof Love At First Bite, which used Dracula Sucks as its working title.)

Abduction Of An American Playgirl

Abduction Of An American Playgirl porn video

“We’re gonna ball her, and then we’re gonna get her old man to come across with a little money for her safe return.” It all sounded like such a simple plan to two desperate crooks, but they’re about to find out their kidnap victim is no ordinary damsel in distress. It turns out that her dirty desires outpace anything they could ever imagine in the most bizarre imaginable erotic twist on Stockholm Syndrome.


Confessions porn video

What does John Leslie’s beautiful wife (Kristine Heller, aka Cindy Johnson) get up to while he’s away at work? We think he’d probably prefer not to know! After he leaves her on edge and unsatisfied during an early morning bedroom romp, Heller finds herself looking elsewhere for the ecstasy she couldn’t get in her conjugal bed. The movie’s various scenes form her “confession.” It features a groovy ’70s soundtrack, some odd plot turns (one escapade seems over until the scene partner suddenly whips out a sex toy that sounds like a power tool), some fun editing choices (a woman scarfing down a sandwich and banana is followed immediately by a shot of a blowjob), and likable performances from the leads.

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