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Nikki Benz Gets Scolded for Looking at Her FB Page on a Plane

Air travel usually isn’t much fun. You’re crammed into a tight space, you’re seated next to a random stranger who may or may not have a virulent flu, you’re jostled around by turbulence, and you’re stuck eating the equivalent of a cheap TV dinner. Matters became even worse for adult star Nikki Benz in a recent flight when she tried to pass the time by sorting out some posts on her social media accounts. Turns out she was seated next to the porn police! Nikki explains further in a recent tweet:

If that tame non-nude pic caused such concern in Nikki’s airplane neighbor, we can only imagine what would have happened had Nikki navigated to Adult Empire’s homepage! The seatmate may have called in the Department of Homeland Security! Benz received supportive responses to the tweet, including some that compared the nosy neighbor to the infamous neb who called the police on a park barbecue. “That woman has no idea how lucky she is. Wish I was sitting next to you,” said one fan. “Of course. Those stairs are so offensive. Even I question the legitimacy of those stairs,” joked another. We encourage one and all to check out Nikki’s pornstar page, although you may want to sneak a glance at the person sitting next to you before doing so!

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