68 sex position

’68’ Sex Position Creates Internet Buzz

You’ve heard of “69,” but maybe it’s time to turn it back a notch and try “68.”

The sex position known as 69 is so familiar as a joke and pun that it’s almost easy to forget that it really can be a fun addition to your bedroom repertoire. (We could probably write an entire post focused exclusively on the various wordplay and porn titles created from “69” humor: Agent 69Dorcel Airlines: Flight N’ DP 69, Motel 69, and many more). In the last few weeks, 69’s younger brother 68 has stepped into the spotlight, in articles from sources as varied as The Sun, LADBible, Cosmo, and more.

So, just what exactly is the 68 position? One partner lies flat on his/her back while the second partner sits on the first person’s chest, facing them and reclining backward while supporting their weight on their elbows. Essentially, it is identical to the familiar 69 position apart from the fact that the on-top partner is on their back back rather than on their stomach. (Check out a visual representation here.) The position allows the partner on the bottom a particularly intimate means of giving oral pleasure.

Cosmo’s Abbi Malbon gave her take: “As well as being the ultimate in oral sex pleasure, the 68 leaves your hands free to do some exploring and masturbation (maybs even some nipple play?). If you’re on top, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your enjoyment, or if you’re on the bottom you get access to every inch of your partner.”

As far as we can tell, the 68 position has not yet been the primary theme of a porn movie. (We were fascinated to see how many series have gotten as far as 68 installments, though.)  Since porn always favors positions that allow an unimpeded view of the action, rather than those oriented toward pleasure alone, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing 68: The Movie anytime soon. Nevertheless, an enterprising porn director with a flair for creative camera work could treat it as an interesting challenge!



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