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Porn Video Review: ‘Control Freak’ (4.5/5 Stars)

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Adult Empire reviewer Willy Milano.

Control Freak from TrenchCoatX and director/performer Kayden Kross is the next film from this company, and so far, I’ve been highly pleased with almost all of them! This movie looks like a flick for fans of interracial sex mostly (except for Michael Vegas‘ scene). I’m not sure if it’s BDSM or something softer, but the cover and content of the artwork look promising. Let’s find out with this review if this flick is worth your time and bucks!

Janice Griffith, Mickey Mod
Hot Professor Griffith is working late when her coworker Mickey Mod tries to help her but ends up behaving like a control freak. He orders the hot girl to bend over the table, and she quickly complies. The man lifts her skirt, but he can’t get handsy with her. The plot thickens and turns out she becomes the dominant part of their party. The girl humiliates him briefly, kisses him passionately, gives him a very hot blowjob before stripping, and impaling herself in cowgirl position. The petite woman also gets fucked in positions like missionary, and doggy style before Mickey jizzes on her butt and eats her pussy.

Ivy Wolfe, Michael Vegas
Classy and sexy blonde Ivy is having trouble in capturing the attention of her man even though she’s wearing very hot lingerie. Michael gets pissed at the way she captures his attention, so he grabs her by the hair, throws her in bed and spanks her buttocks! Ivy isn’t having enough, and the hot girl does it again. This triggers Michael to keep punishing the girl, and finally to eat and finger her pussy while she’s in doggy and the missionary positions! He pumps the girl’s pussy in doggy style, the screws, missionary, and cowgirl position before she gives him a head. The couple also performs a hot 69 and fuck in other positions, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, belly-down, the screws, and missionary. He cums on her crotch, a lot!

Eliza Ibarra, Isiah Maxwell
Isiah is feeling romantic so, he prepares a sensual bath for his sexy young girl, Eliza. However, Isiah is controlling and doesn’t let her enjoy the situation spontaneously; he is the control freak. He asks her for permission to shave her legs, and he does it carefully. Eliza wants to get playful, and he opts not to because the water is dirty and moves her to the shower. She ends up dominating the man, jerks him off, kisses him, and finally blows him! He leans the girl against the shower glass and pumps her pussy while standing up. They also fuck in positions like reverse cowgirl, regular cowgirl, up in his arms, and sitting down, all in the shower. She blows him to make him cum and swallows some of the load!

Giselle Palmer, Ricky Johnson
Stunning Giselle is cooking, and she cuts herself with the knife, this unleashes a narration in which she reveals her rocky relationship with controlling Ricky, while a montage runs. After the freaky montage, the couple appears in the bedroom with the stunning girl wearing sexy lingerie, her hands tied up in the back, and Ricky completely naked and eating her pussy briefly. He pumps her pussy in doggy style, cuts her loose and talks dirty to her. Giselle gets fucked in other positions like missionary, belly-down, spooning, the screws, and cowgirl. She also gave him head briefly during sex breaks and receives the cumshot in her mouth. Giselle swallows most of it!

Extras include (DVD only): Feature Trailer (2+ min.), 5 Trailers, Cumshot Recap (4+ min.), Photo Gallery (7+ min.), Spam.

Control Freak from TrenchCoatX and director/performer Kayden Kross is a very hot movie if you’re into artsy, yet very sexy porn flicks. There’s a fine line between this film and soft BDSM. Some scenes had bondage; others were kinda harsh so, I think this movie is great for couples and women.

Also, this is the first movie ever in which I get to watch something as simple as the guy eating pussy after he jizzed (Mickey & Janice), it was very hot! I don’t think the movie’s intended as an interracial flick and that made it hotter from my opinion. This movie is at least a must-watch flick from my perspective!

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