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Kissa Sins Interview: Talking ‘Corruption’ (AE Exclusive)

The self-professed “crazy little sex demon” is thirsty for new challenges! After four years in the industry, Kissa Sins has decided to up the ante and create a blockbuster movie that shows her in a variety of firsts: first interracial, first anal, and first DP, as well as her first B/G scenes shot with male talent other than her husband, Johnny Sins. Oh, and did we mention she also co-stars with Angela White? Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Corruption of Kissa Sins (buy it here) in this new Kissa Sins interview, exclusive to the Adult Empire blog!

Tell us how The Corruption of Kissa Sins came about.

I had never slept with a lot of guys my entire life and had been loyal to Johnny for four years but started to have dream of getting DP’d and gangbanged and started having all these insanely amazing sexual dreams, so I started exploring the idea of becoming a giant whore, signed with Jules Jordan, and have never been happier!

Is this your first star showcase? Tell us what it’s like to have a movie all about you!

No, my first Showcase was for Brazzers [Sins of Life] when I first started but this movie means a lot more to me…. it’s the real, true documentation of my sexual journey and I’m really excited to share it with everyone!

What made you decide to begin shooting B/G scenes with stars other than your husband, Johnny Sins?

I started having dreams of a million dicks fucking me and realized I was meant to be the crazy sex demon I’m becoming!

Where were the desert sequences shot? Did the sand and heat present any challenges?

The Sahara Desert! Haha… no, no challenges! It was so fun!! It was early in the morning and it was actually freezing cold haha

You perform a lot of “firsts” in this movie. What made you decide to shoot your first anal, DP and IR all in one?  Did you face any challenges when preparing for all of this?  Which stood out the most to you?

We wanted to release all of my firsts to really show my sexual journey of going from a one-man woman to a crazy slut! I can’t really choose what stood out the “most” . . . all of it is really special for different reasons. Every scene is another step in my sexual growth and all are very special to me!

How would you describe Jules Jordan’s directorial style?

I love Jules and his style! I’ve always loved his stuff… his photography, outfits, and videography is all so beautiful but at the same time he lets me be my insane self!

Talk to us about working with Angela White. Had you been a fan of her work prior to collaborating on The Corruption of Kissa Sins?

Angela and I are very close. She is very special to me . . . when we are around each other we obsess over each other the whole time. We have a special connection and I love love love fucking her. We are paired together a lot . . . they call us the Dream Team – together we are the perfect woman with her big boobies and my big booty!

In his interview with you, Adult DVD Talk’s Captain Jack said you have “one of the best asses” he’s ever seen. Do you do any particular fitness routine to keep that signature feature toned and fit?

Squats and cookies! Haha

Jealousy is a factor in most relationships, but you and Johnny seem to have successfully avoided that. What’s your secret?

Johnny is a professional and has been doing this for almost 12 years . . . he understands that work is work! We have a totally open relationship now and we are very happy. I love when he sends me photos of girls that go suck his dick when I’m not around!

Who tops your list of male co-stars you’d next like to work with?


Has being in porn changed your sex life off set?

Yes . . . and actually my sexuality is starting to scare me haha! I’m even MORE horny now!

When you aren’t working, what kind of hobbies/interests do you have?

Sex and laughing!

What’s your favorite non-porn movie?

District 9 and The Royal Tennenbaums.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I want to do it all. I want to get gangbanged and continue to explore my sexuality and experience everyone and everything!

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