Evil Angel and Vivid porn studios

Evil Angel & Vivid Earn a Mention in Drake’s New Track

Receiving a shout-out from a celeb is almost always good news for any company. Unfortunately, due to the explicit nature of its content, porn seldom gets a celebrity endorsement. That absence of precedent didn’t keep Drake from mentioning popular porn studios Evil Angel and Vivid in his latest track, though! The Canadian rapper slipped a reference to the two porn titans into a key lyric from his song “Final Fantasy”: “I need it nasty like, like Evil Angel, like Vivid/You know, nasty like how they give it.”

Props to Drake for not only making an XXX reference but also showing that he definitely knows his porn! In the broad spectrum of porn types, genres, and studios, Evil Angel definitely finds itself on the hardcore end of the scale. (If you’re trying to get your girlfriend to warm up to porn, we’d probably not start out your campaign with Evil Angel.) In its heyday, Vivid was also one of the top purveyors of a rambunctious XXX style. Unsurprisingly, both companies were delighted to be spotlighted by Drake. “We’re thrilled to have Drake’s endorsement of Evil Angel reaching so many people. And we’re going to capitalize on it: We plan to bring a bunch of Evil Angel porn stars to Drake’s Los Angeles show this coming October,” Evil Angel’s Chris Gentile told AVN. (That sounds like it could be the subject of porn/documentary hybrid along the lines of Evil Angel’s I Am Katrina.) Said Vivid’s Steven Hirsch, “Drake is awesome. Glad he chose to shout us out.”

If Drake wants to get extra meta, he can make his next cut about porn superstar Jessica Drake. (Perhaps Jessica would even be willing to make a cameo appearance in the music video!)

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