Love doll sex toy review

Meet Jon: Adult Empire’s Newest Sex Toy Reviewer (VIDEO)

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

The latest edition of Turning It On with Adult Empire, AE’s signature sex toy review YouTube series, has a new twist. You already know and love Chelsea, the established host of the series and sex toy reviewer extraordinaire (and also a frequent contributor to Adult Empire’s database of written movie and toy reviews). Now it’s time to get the male perspective from the newest contributor to the series, Adult Empire’s own Jon! In this latest vid, he samples the Vivid Raw Standing Love Doll! (“It’s like Christmas but a little bit different!” he jokes as he opens the box). From the interesting accessories (a vibrator) to the unusual texture (“This doll feels and smells like a beach ball”) to the peculiarities of the doll’s many “love holes,” Jon covers it all, giving you a complete idea of what it’s like to own and use this unique toy. Stay tuned for more reviews from Jon coming soon on Adult Empire’s YouTube channel! (Subscribe here.)

Vivid Raw Standing Love Doll sex toy

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Also make sure to check out Chelsea’s latest sex toy guide, covering silicone toys:

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