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The Plot Thickens: Brooklyn Chase Teaches Poetry Class

“The Plot Thickens” is a continuing series of AE blog posts where we take a look at porn’s most entertaining, corny, and/or bizarre plotlines and sequences. (See previous installments here.)

April is National Poetry Month! We certainly hope you’ve found time to read a little Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson in between healthy doses of porn watching. (Sex is a frequent subject of poetry, after all! You have to love the brief poem “Their Sex Life” by A.R. Ammons: “One failure on Top of another.”) If you can’t find time to crack open a volume of collected verse, you can steer your way in the direction of Brazzers’ Cram Sessions, which makes use of a poetry class in a typically humorous manner.

The scene opens with Professor Keiran Lee stumbling through a poetry lecture. He seems uncomfortable and awkward, the students seem disengaged, and the lecture drags on and on. (In one of the most unhelpful chalkboard instructions ever, Lee simply scrawls “Poetry 101” and nothing else.) Sensing that he’s losing his audience, Lee suggests that instead of discussing poetry, the entire class should join him down at the pub for a few drinks. (One of the students is apparently named Spunkmeyer. Naturally!) Amid a chorus of laughter, studious Brooklyn Chase objects! She loves the poet in question and thinks Lee is doing a poor job of bringing the material to life. “Do your job, pal!” she protests. “Why don’t you do your job and put some clothes on!” Lee responds to Chase, who is wearing a very revealing top. Chase then takes charge of the class, wowing the students with her knowledge. As she wraps up, she and Lee agree on a very key point: making poetry is even better than reading it. They proceed to have sex, apparently in full view of the entire class. (Do they still get course credit?) After Lee finishes all over Brooklyn’s face, the scene ends with a slight twist. One might even say it’s poetic . . .

Check out the full intro sequence here:

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