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7 Fast Facts from Rolling Stone’s Greg Lansky Profile

If you’re a porn fan, you probably know his name. And even in the unlikely instance that you’ve never heard of Greg Lansky, you’ve definitely seen his work. Blacked, Vixen, Tushy, and Blacked Raw have formed the cornerstones of AE’s bestseller lists for much of the past four years. In a business that’s known for having a social stigma, Lansky has been recently bestowed with one of the most reliable indicator of brand recognition — mainstream press coverage. Rolling Stone is the latest publication to probe the mind of this porn auteur extraordinaire. We collected seven of the most interesting facts from the magazine’s new Lansky profile.

1. His Vixen Angel shoots cost as much as $30,000

The famous photo shoots that launch each Vixen Angel (selected monthly for a showcase feature and tour as Vixen brand ambassador) don’t come cheap, but it’s all part of Lansky’s commitment to quality. “The gold, the lifestyle, the nice car, the Versace, all that shit, the nice watch, it’s kind of like, that’s how you hook people,” he said.

2. He had a stint as an intern for European reality TV

While Lansky’s movies seem far removed from the quick-and-dirty style of reality TV, a foray into that genre as an intern helped him learn “how to not be boring.”

3. Lansky is subject to death threats

Blacked movies may be perennial bestsellers, but that doesn’t mean Lansky is beloved by all. He is routinely subject to death threats on social media, according to the Rolling Stone profile. “You get [criticism] from really racist people, and then you get it from really progressive people that feel you’re perpetuating some stereotype,” Lansky said.

4. By his own admission, his first porn movie “sucked”

Lansky’s first movie, a fly-by-night effort shot with Steve Holmes in 2004, did not turn out very well. “The whole thing sucked. But we were like, ‘Whatever, look at the passion!'” Lansky said.

5. Lansky cut his teeth at New Sensations and Reality Kings

Before he branched out to create Blacked, the French-born Lansky moved to the United States to learn the ropes, first with New Sensations‘ Scott Taylor and then with Reality Kings.

6. His company employs 75 people and stretches across three countries

Portions of Lansky’s business are conducted in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Spain.

7. 6% of all porn piracy is related to Tushy, Vixen, or Blacked

One downside of popularity is rampant piracy. The 6% estimate comes from David Robertson, the co-founder of

Read the full profile here.

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