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Johnny Sins: Sex in a Rabbit Costume Is No Fun

Rabbits have a strong association with procreation. Put two rabbits of opposite genders together and you’ll soon have many more bunnies on your hands. The link between rabbits and reproduction is so strong, Woody Allen closed his movie Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) with a shot showing a sea of hippity-hoppity little cuties. Johnny Sins had no fun at all, though, when he was asked to perform a porn scene in a rabbit suit, as detailed in his recent vlog “Weirdest Things I’ve Done in Porn.”

The sequence was part of a cosplay/furry-themed movie early in Sins’s career for an unnamed studio. Sins describes the scenario: “I was in a rabbit costume, this big-ass white rabbit costume. And they had to cut a hole for my dick out. So I have this rabbit costume and I have to fuck Gia Paloma in the ass with this thing on — the full head and everything. First of all, you can’t see anything. It’s hot as hell. I’m sweating my balls off. I can’t see what I’m doing, so if my dick falls out, I have to have somebody help me put it back in. It was definitely the most ridiculous scene I’ve done to date.”

Count Sins among those who don’t quite understand the appeal of furry scenes. “It definitely wasn’t fun. I don’t know why people find that fun. It was definitely very uncomfortable, very hot, and just hard to have sex in that thing, so I don’t really understand that fetish. I was new back then, so I did it. That’s definitely a really weird thing that I did,” he says in the video.

The video also covers several other bizarre scenes Sins has shot in his career, including one where he wore a Shallow Hal-style fatsuit and another where he was stuck in a full-body cast. Watch the full vlog here:

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