The Training of O: Dani Daniels porn video Joins AE VOD: ‘The Training of O: Dani Daniels’

Dani Daniels isn’t exactly a new kid on the block. She’s been in the adult business since 2011, she’s won numerous AVN and XBIZ awards, and she’s conquered virtually every major porn genre. Even so, there are still things she needs to learn. Her only path to this new knowledge is pure submission, a point vividly illustrated by The Training of O: Dani Daniels. The movie is a perfect introduction to, the famous BDSM studio that is now newly available on Adult Empire VOD! is the brainchild of Peter Acworth, who founded the brand after reading about a British fireman who had earned nearly a half million dollars selling adult pics on the internet. Acworth decided to leverage his existing interest in BDSM into a porn web venture, first simply with pictures and later with a full line of bondage-themed websites. The Training of O has become one of the company’s most popular and interesting series, focusing on the retraining of stars by walking the line between physical and psychological pleasure and pain. Masterminded by James Mogul, the series takes its cues from The Story of O, a notorious work of French erotica that was adapted into a popular movie in 1975. “You’ll see women sexually broken in to be whatever their master wants them to be,” states the site’s official description. “Consensual domination increases each woman’s submission, remodeling her mind and attitude until she is an obedient sex slave.”

Dani Daniels is Kink’s target for retraining in the latest edition of The Training of O. Dani descends into a dungeon, where she’ll overcome her fears by getting pinched, slapped, reamed with a chrome rod, bound and gagged, flogged, and more. Xcritic’s Cyber5 put it best in his review of the movie: “This is all real, not staged. You will witness Dani Daniels go from the pretty-faced starlet you love, into a complete and total crumpled mess on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably as she works through her fear.”

Watch the movie here, and check back on the studio page for all the latest streaming offerings from the brand.

The Training of O: Dani Daniels porn video

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