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Pizza Delivery Man Offers Christiana Cinn $200 for Sex

The pizza delivery boy is one of the hoariest of all porn movie cliches. It’s been used so frequently that some movies have resorted to bizarre images to spice it up, such as erect penises poking through pizza boxes and other surreal touches. While pornstar Christiana Cinn didn’t have to face anything quite that outlandish, she did recently find herself confronting a situation that seemed to be ripped out of a bad porn movie. According to reports in Newsweek, Fox News, and other news outlets, Cinn was allegedly propositioned by a pizza delivery man who followed up a routine delivery with a text message asking Cinn for sex.

Cinn was staying in a Milwaukee hotel when she decided to order a pizza from a nearby Domino’s. After delivery of her pizza, Cinn received a text message from the delivery man that implied he’d like to hook up with Cinn for $200. Cinn rebuffed the request, saying that the delivery person had no right to text her  in such a manner without permission. When she reached out to Domino’s about the incident, they allegedly offered her a free cinnamon twist dessert for her troubles (she declined). “It was such an invasion of privacy . . . this guy had all my information, he could give it to anybody,’ she later told “I didn’t feel safe, I had considered switching rooms.”

Understandably incensed, Cinn took to Twitter to air her disapproval: “Hey Domino’s YOU NEED to have strict rules on sexual harassment for ur employees [ . . . ] I answered the door in sweats & a baggy sweater I DID NOT ask  for this! This is unacceptable.” Domino’s later investigated the incident and said it could not find evidence the text was from one of its employees. Since the person texting mentioned only that he had “delivered” for Cinn earlier in the day, without specifically referencing Domino’s or pizza, Domino’s suggested that perhaps Cinn had other deliveries that day. Cinn, meanwhile, says Domino’s is simply making up excuses and says she does not want a settle but simply “apology and justice,” according to a recent tweet.



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