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A Look Behind the Scenes at Girlsway (VIDEO)

Directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan both wear shirts that say “World Lesbian Domination.” Via the Girlsway network, the duo create lesbian content so good that it may be able to . . . well, take over the world! (“I think we may be on our way!” Mills jokes.)

Most studios and networks use all-girl movies for an occasional genre entry but do not employ it as their exclusive theme. In contrast, Girlsway was created to be the first full all-girl porn network, using the genre as much more than a stray series or one-off movie. The success of the brand speaks for itself! Mills and Stills by Alan have both collected an impressive rundown of AVN and XBIZ director-award attention, and Girlsway movies like The Turning and Almost Caught have become critically acclaimed bestsellers. Want an inside look at this remarkable company and the minds behind it? Check out this vid, which mixes interviews with Mills and Stills by Alan with behind-the-scenes footage. The duo outline their original vision for Girlsway, discuss their working process, reveal how they choose their “Girls of the Month,” name some of their most memorable achievements, preview some of their plans for 2018, and much more! Watch it here (and below the vid, check out the movies mentioned in it by Mills and Stills by Alan):

Movies mentioned:

Almost Caught

“It really took off! Everybody found the idea to be both really exciting and original. We’ve now made Almost Caught 2, 3, 4, 5.” (Stills by Alan)

Almost Caught porn video

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The Business of Women

“When Girlsway did our first feature in 2015, The Business of Women, it won the XBIZ All-Girl Movie of the Year.” (Stills by Alan)

The Business Of Women porn video

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Sharing the Bed

“[Sharing the Bed and The Business of Women] were epic because they were really the start of something and really helped to pave the way for what Girlsway ultimate became.” (Bree Mills)

Sharing the Bed porn video

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The Turning

“That experience was great! It was really getting into what feature production is actually all about. It’s still one of the most popular productions we’ve ever done.” (Bree Mills)

The Turning porn video

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Project Pandora

“It was a very serious piece, one of our most dramatic pieces. There was a lot of emotion within the characters. And I had written it as such, but I could have never imagined the depth of emotion that our leads took it to, particularly Cherie DeVille and Mercedes Carrera. And there’s a scene that they had together where it was so emotional that they were really in tears during the filming of the scene. When it wrapped, many of the members of the crew were also teary-eyed because it was such an emotional scene. And that’s something where we really transcended what porn should and shouldn’t be, and I’m very proud of it. It’s always stood out to me as one of our greatest moments we’ve ever captured.” (Bree Mills)

Project Pandora porn video

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Fantasy Factory

“It was an interesting movie and it really brought into focus dynamics between members requests and models acting them out and a lot of really interesting topics.” (Stills by Alan)

Fantasy Factory porn video

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Extradition porn video

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Kristen Scott’s Skip Day

Kristen Scott's Skip Day porn video

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Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit porn video

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