Mia Malkova Stars in Bollywood’s Unusual Docudrama ‘God, Sex and Truth’

Porn and Bollywood (India’s thriving film industry) have more connections than you might think! Former adult performer Sunny Leone is the most famous Bollywood/porn crossover star, having successfully reinvented herself as one of Indian cinema’s current darlings. Mia Malkova probably isn’t planning a comprehensive career change like Leone’s, but she’s made Bollywood and adult industry headlines by appearing in the new Hindi movie God, Sex and Truth, from director Ram Gopal Varma.

If you’re thinking that title almost sounds like it could be a porn movie, well, you’re not far wrong. While God, Sex and Truth isn’t an XXX film in any conventional sense, it does focus on Malkova’s identity as a pornstar. Billed as a documdrama, the movie aims to explore “the truth behind sex as intended by God,” according to News World India. (This stands in contrast with Leone’s movies, which generally have featured more conventional Bollywood stories and have not addressed sexuality directly for the most.) The movie’s trippy, unusual trailer makes its ambitions clear from the start, opening with a title card that says “A Philosophical Treatise on Mia Malkova” before seguing into a provocative quotation from Mia herself: “I as a woman am not my eyes, not my mouth, not my cunt, and not my asshole.” (A variety of other quotations appear on the screen during the trailer, from sources as diverse as Sigmund Freud and Ayn Rand.) All the while, sitar music sets a reflective, spiritual mood. Check out the full trailer here:

“Thank you Ram Gopal Varma for shooting God, Sex and Truth with me. It’s been an exhilarating experience to see myself through your vision,” tweeted Malkova about the experience. The full movie is slated to debut on January 26th.

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