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BuzzFeed Presents a Pornstar Version of ‘Never Have I Ever’

Games of “Never Have I Ever” almost inevitably turn to one topic: sex.

BuzzFeed’s video version of the game drops any pretense of considering other subjects and cuts right to the chase by posing sex questions to six pornstars. Armed with flip-signs that say “I Have” on one side and “I Have Not” on the other, stars Angela White, Ana Foxxx, Tori Black, Kendra Sunderland, Jason Luv (of, and Donnie Rock tackle an interesting lineup of questions. “I always lose this game,” protests Foxxx at the beginning. (Never fear, Ana — since no alcohol is involved in this particular version of the game, there are no winners or losers, just interesting revelations.)

The opening round is particularly relevant to the pornstar life: “Never have I ever faked an orgasm.” Interestingly, all six actors admit that they have, including the men! “One time because I couldn’t,” Rock says. “I was just having a rough day, and I’m still bummed about it.” Tori Black recounts shooting a scene on a sand volleyball court where the discomfort level was such that having a real orgasm was impossible. Later, they discuss whether they’ve dated a co-star (most haven’t) or fan (a few have), but the most attention-getting section arrives when the stars address whether their families have seen their work. Luv reveals that his mother has indeed watched some of his movies, making the family’s Thanksgiving meal a tad awkward. “My momma told me, ‘I made that,'” Luv says. “‘That’s why you do it good like that.'” Watch the full vid here:

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