Alexis Texas in Registered Nurse 3

The Plot Thickens: Alexis Texas Is a Very Distracting Nurse

“The Plot Thickens” is a continuing series of AE blog posts where we take a look at porn’s most entertaining, corny and/or bizarre plotlines and sequences. (See previous installments here.)

Being a doctor can’t be easy. Life and death matters become your daily routine. The shadow of malpractice lurks over the tiniest of wrong moves. Long hours ruin the idea of a steady sleep schedule. And, in the case of poor Evan Stone in Registered Nurse 3, you’re perpetually distracted by some of the most inappropriately dressed nurses of all time!

The scene finds Stone’s unnamed doctor character examining an X-ray with Nurse Texas (yes, that is her character’s name). He tells her all about the “precordial thump” and other assorted details (Stone demonstrates some acting chops here by being surprisingly convincing with the tongue-twisting medical dialogue) but soon finds his mind beginning to wander. Texas listens attentively as Stone’s diagnosis begins to verge into “porn pun” territory with  mention of “bones rubbing together.”

So far, so plausible (mostly) . . . but as soon as Texas bends over to write down some settings from a nearby medical device, things take a proper turn into the land of amusing porn fantasy. It turns out that Texas isn’t even wearing pants or skirt (presumably a divergence from the hospital dress code), and Stone can’t help but stare. The music cue enhances the lunacy with a madcap tuba-heavy tune that seems like it was pulled from an early Tim Burton movie. A needle lift breaks up Stone’s pervy gaze as Texas teases, “I saw you looking at me!” She proceeds to needle Stone on the nature of hospital’s uniform regulations, backing him into a corner. Any guesses as to whether Stone maintains his professional decorum and rejects her advances?

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