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Eating Fruit Enhances Your Oral Sex Skills

Sweet, juicy, irresistible.

That series of words could be applied to a sexy romp in the bedroom, and they could be applied to a spread of delicious fruit on the table. Perhaps the two categories overlap in more ways than one, because a Jamaican sex therapist says that eating fruit can up your oral-sex game. (Just not for the reasons you may think.)

Fruit can help your intimate life, but it’s not because it has any aphrodisiac-type effects, at least not according to sex therapist Sydney McGill. “It may seem to increase libido largely from a psychological point of view. The person believes it works so they feel like it’s working. That’s what we call a placebo effect,” McGill told the Jamaica Observer.

Eating fruits only causes a placebo effect?  Say it isn’t so, Sydney! Fortunately, McGill does cite another interesting tangible benefit to eating fruit when it comes to your sex life. “Any fruits that require a sucking motion to eat, such as eating guineps or mangoes, would help to enhance oral pleasure. It would require an intentional effort of sucking hard on the seed and using the tip of the tongue to roll the seed on the roof of the mouth to make the tongue muscles more agile over time,” he said. (We had to Google “guineps.” One helpful YouTuber offers a vid showing you how to eat them.)

While you can’t order up a fruit basket from Adult Empire, there are certainly plenty of fruit-themed movies (Forbidden and otherwise) to whet your appetite.

Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash


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