net neutrality

Fight for Net Neutrality

Hey, you love the internet, right?

That probably seems like a ridiculous question. We love the internet in the same way we “love” the air we breathe — that is to say, we take it for granted. The FCC’s pending December 14 repeal of net neutrality is going to take all of the oxygen out of the room. Porn fans everywhere need to ban together to stop the FCC, and tomorrow has been declared a special day of action.

Rules put in place in 2015 ensured that internet service would be treated like a public utility, along the lines of water or electricity. They prevented conglomerates from segregating the internet into a place of slow lanes and fast lanes, where high-powered websites could pay to have their services placed in an exclusive internet speedway. Smaller websites — including boutique adult sites that are the bread-and-butter of die-hard porn fans — could be throttled and left in slow lanes. Do you like the idea of being stuck with slow, constantly buffering porn?  Didn’t think so! The FCC announced that it plans to lift those 2015 regulations that have sustained and protected net neutrality. Up until now, internet providers have been obliged to give open access to all digital content on their networks, but that will soon change if the FCC repeal goes ahead as planned. Congress can act to block the proposed changes, but they won’t take action unless the public pushes them to do so.

Porn fans can make a difference. We’ve already seen it occur, when a groundswell of opposition helped defeat the controversial Prop 60 condom legislation in November 2016. Let’s make it happen again! Learn more about the “Break the Internet” protest day (occurring December 12) and find out how to contact  your member of Congress at

(As enthralled as you probably are with all this prose explaining the benefits of net neutrality, we’re sure we can’t capture your attention the way these three pornstars can. Alex Chance, Mercedes Carrera and Nadia Styles give you the basics in the vid below from Funny Or Die. John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment is also a good informational resource, but admittedly has a very low quotient of beautiful naked women.)

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