Paging Doctor Roger: Medical Bedroom Emergency (Part 1)

Editor’s note: This post by Staci is a work of fiction.

I moved to Europe only a short while ago, six or seven months maybe. I had spent so much of my time getting settled, learning how to get around town, finding my way to my new office . . . and I was finally ready to resume my personal life. For starters, I hadn’t had a long night out in what seemed like forever. A fancy meal with friends, a few bottles of wine, some worthwhile conversation . . .

That night I was all set to head out with a few new friends from work when the sweet Romanian girl who lived across the hall from me asked me for a favor. We had gotten to know each other in a neighborly way, but not much more than that so it was already a little awkward, but she just came right out with her request anyway.

“Sondra, you are very pretty girl like me,” she started in her best English. “I have date tonight with very nice doctor. He tells me he has a friend, wants to bring the friend with him if I can bring my friend too . . .”

She kept talking but in my head I wasn’t really listening at that point. I’m finally on my way out to a great night, and now someone I hardly know is asking me to go on a double blind date?

I had to interrupt her. “What’s his friend’s name… do you know anything about him?” Half of me was hoping she would say she didn’t know anything at all so I could just casually let her know I wouldn’t be able to come with her.

“He is very handsome man, his name is Roger,” she countered. “Tall, I only know in metric sorry, dark hair and strong eyes. He is also a doctor . . .” again I stopped listening as she kept talking. She would probably do better on her dates if she learned to talk a little less.

Tall is a major plus for me, I’m 5’ 9 so dating little guys never works out well. Dark hair is fine, and I don’t know if it was just her poor English but “strong eyes” was a hell of a way to get me interested. A doctor . . . so he can’t be completely dumb right? Oh, what the hell . . . if I say yes just this once I never have to go again with her, because I can always remind her this double date went the way it did.

“I will come,” I answered abruptly.

“Yes, you will come a lot” she said… and again I didn’t know if her English was weak or her comment was as forward as it sounded. “We go in one hour. Knock my door,” she said as she went into her apartment to get changed.

I was dressed nicely already to go out with my friends. A new set of designer jeans, and a tight wool sweater to keep me warm…. But the more I thought about meeting Roger the more my mind started to wander. I hadn’t had much chance to think about it until that moment, but I wasn’t really craving conversation nearly as much as I was craving a good cock. I haven’t been fucked in months. Then my Hitachi broke and you can’t get a new one here so easily. Just my own fingers and erotica I read off the internet… yeah, if Roger didn’t make too many mistakes he was in for a night he will be telling his friends about for the rest of his life.

I got out of my clothes quickly. Found my favorite panties. Some girls think going naked is sexier, but a sleek set of black panties with fabric thin enough to ride up in me is always so much better. When a guy starts to finger me and has to stretch the fabric away from me, to wrestle his hand inside me for the first time . . . that look of determination in his eyes is fucking hot. Everything needs to be just complicated enough to keep him fully focused . . . I’m a fun puzzle because I only unlock one click at a time.

My schoolgirl plaid skirt and knee high black stockings are the right look. Doctors like to think they are hard to figure out, but every one of them spent half their life in school. They all have schoolgirl and teacher fantasies. Even the really twisted ones. Gosh, I hope Roger is twisted . . . I really need someone who can break me tonight.

When we met in the hallway outside my apartment Sasha my neighbor looked me over. I felt like I was being inspected. She even put her hand on my shoulder to turn me around and see me from behind. Then she smiled. “You are smart girl Sondra,” said Sasha. “Roger will like this very much . . . But I have surprise for my first date with Robert” and she lifted her own skirt to flash her shaved pussy at me, as if I would be impressed by her decision not to wear any panties at all.

That was strike two for Sasha; she talks too much and gives away too much all at once. It was at that moment I decided if Robert was a hotter fuck than Roger I would take him from her for myself instead.

Coming next week: Part 2!

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