The Plot Thickens: Jodi West Stuck Under the Bed

Porn movies tend to draw their stories from a stock set of scenarios. We’ve all poked fun at the familiar “pizza delivery boy” setup, but there are also the tried-and-true “naughty nurse” and “horny secretary” situations, among many others. Sometimes, though, porn plot lines can really surprise you. In this edition of “The Plot Thickens” (see prior installments here), we look at a scene from Mothers Forbidden Romances #4 that finds poor Jodi West in a heck of a predicament.

As the sequence opens, West is preparing for a night out and hurrying to getting dressed. One of her shoes has gone missing, and much to her consternation, she finds it in a very difficult-to-reach spot underneath the bed. Cursing the unruly pet dog and careless housekeeper under her breath, Jodi maneuvers herself into an awkward position to retrieve the shoe. Success! Or so she thinks, until she realizes her head is stuck underneath the bed.

She calls for assistance from stepson Damon Dice, who mischievously takes advantage of the situation in all sorts of ways. (“Mr. Peanut Butters would not do that,” Damon exclaims when Jodi attempts to blame his pet for her current pinch.) “You might have to cut me out of here! You might have to get scissors and cut me out!” she screeches. Figuring that Jodi’s tensed body might be making it hard for her to break free, Damon whips out a vibrator to ease away her anxiety, and things escalate from there. Part screwball comedy and part family roleplay erotica, the sequence has to be seen to be believed! (Did we mention the full scene ends with a high five?)

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